• Audrey

    OK, this definitely needs an explanation. A couple of nights ago sitting around drinking a little wine, our friend, Audrey mentioned she used to clean the ice balls out from her dogs' paws but now she just lets them do it themselves. First perha…

  • The joy of panting

    w/o apologies to Bob Ross. :-) "panting present participle of pant (Verb) Watercolor on 11 by 14 inch Bristol vellum paper.

  • Ides of April

    For the information of distant viewers; here in the US Income Tax forms and payments MUST be completed by 15 April. I know it's spring by how light my wallet got! Brushed ink on 12 by 12 inch card stock.

  • Everybody out of the pool!

    I did this at last night's life drawing session, building it from a lot of one and two minute poses. Brushed ink on 11 by 14 inch sketch paper.

  • Only way to go is up

    Hum, wonder if I should send this to the 'manhole cover' group. ;-) A 3 a.m. doodle, colored pencil on 12 by 12 inch colored card stock.

  • Miss Mary Zombie

    Agatha Christie (1890-1976), with over a billion copies of her books sold in the English language and another billion sold in foreign translations, is often considered the world's best-known mystery writer. One of her heroines, Miss Marple, a little o…

  • Welcome to the future!

    Marker on 12 by 12 inch card stock.

  • Change?

    Happy New Year's Eve from the top of the world! Marker on 12 by 12 inch card stock

  • NV

    OK, I couldn't resist doing this quick cartoon. My friend, from over on Flickr posted this tweet: Nevada Gutierrez @SealWhiskers Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open : "Just great. My stomach was growling & husband thought the noise was coming from coyot…

  • EDM Challenge #323

    Draw something sad. Oh... how sad!! ;-) Marker on 12 by 12 inch colored card stock.

  • Happy Halloween!

    Marker on 12 by 12 inch colored card stock.

  • OMG The Fox Is In The Henhouse!!

    or: (a) Welcome to the 21st. century! (b) Carpe gallinam! ( c) Two legs good, 12 gauge better! (d) Once upon a time… (e) or, of course, whatever you want it to be. Mixed media: Watercolor, ink, Neocolor II © crayon and soft pastel on 12 by 12…

  • The shortest distance between two pints

    is a ....... Marker and soft pastel on 12 by 12 inch card stock.

  • EDM #301 Draw something cute

    For Every Day Matters weekly challenges. Challenge number 301 was; 'Draw something cute.' Hey what could be cuter than a witty bitty baby playing with his cutse wootsy kitty? :-) Marker and pen on 12 by 12 inch card stock.

  • Remember to fall back

    Here in the US twice a year we reset our clocks, in the spring one hour ahead to "better utilize the available daylight hours", in the very late fall back to standard time. A silly exercise, especially here in Alaska with 24 hours of daylight during the s…

  • The statement

    Marker on 12 by 12 inch card stock

  • Weather or not

    Portrait of Algore (not for Julia Kay's portrait party!) :-) Marker and pastels on 12 by 12 inch card stock.

  • A mess made in heaven

    So! I was driving down the road the other day, listening to the radio, when a commercial came on. I don't remember what they were selling but the punch line was "a match made in heaven". Around then I was passing a liquor store with a big 'beer sale'…

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