Throwaway today

Throwaway Paintings

Late last year and earlier this year I did a series of throwaway paintings mainly on cardboard boxes, sometimes on other scraps, for this year, 2021 and the preceding one 2020 which I consider, most definitely throwaway years. Many kids are gonna have to do the school year over, far too many folks have lost their livelihood, holidays canceled, folks told to give up living to keep from dying so...…  (read more)

Throwaway today

Today's throwaway painting, acrylics on cardboard beer box, roughly 9 by 23 inches.

Fill in the blanks

Throwaway painting for today; Fill in the Blanks. Acrylics on cardboard box, approximately 18 by 32 inches.

Something forgotten

Sigh, I'm running out of scrap cardboard upon which to paint throwaway art in accord with these throwaway years. This one, Something Forgotten, is acrylics on newsprint instead 18 by 24 inches.


These throwaways are fun! Acrylic on cardboard box. Roughly 34 by 24 inches.

another day another way

Another throwaway on scrap cardboard. Acrylics, ink and colored pencil. Roughly 12 by 16 inches.

passing in the vast lane

Another throwaway picture for the throwaway year, 2021. (A bit scary, I originally typed 2121 by mistake, I certainly hope these crazy years don't run that long!) Passing in the vast lane Ink and acrylic on cardboard. Roughly 10 by 15 inches (26 by 39 cm.)


Today's throwaway paintings; I'm playing around with colored wax on hot cardboard .

T'ain't no thang

Today's throwaway paintings, I'm playing around with colored wax on hot cardboard .

Deep in the Red

Today's throwaway painting, Acrylics on cardboard.
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