Throwaway today

Throwaway Paintings

Late last year and earlier this year I did a series of throwaway paintings mainly on cardboard boxes, sometimes on other scraps, for this year, 2021 and the preceding one 2020 which I consider, most definitely throwaway years. Many kids are gonna have to do the school year over, far too many folks have lost their livelihood, holidays canceled, folks told to give up living to keep from dying so...…  (read more)

Hey buddy

Throwaway, acrylics on cardboard Hey Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime?

the night away

Today's throwaway painting acrylics on a piece of cardboard; Dance the night away

Into age of Aquarius

Acrylic on cardboard, another throwaway painting.

Evening Eve

2020, the throwaway year, quick and rough throwaway art. Evening Eve, Acrylics on a Heineken box.


another throwaway, acrylic on cardboard box.

George is the dragon

Still doing throwaway art for these throwaway years so Here's George is the Dragon, an ambiguity for these ambiguous times. See George? See Dragon? Hey, I told you it's ambiguous. ;-) Acrylics on cardboard scrap.


Throwaway, chalk pastels on black paper.

Twixt now and tomorrow

Throwaway painting Twix Now And Tomorrow Acrylic on cardboard box scrap.

The wood at infinity's edge

Throwaway painting; The Wood At Infinity's Edge. Oil pastels and acrylics on sketch paper. 18 by 24 inches.
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