Auroras over my house


A whole lot of aurora activity tonight!


I was up watching a nice aurora last night around 2 in the morning. Not the one pictured here, I took this shot back in March, but none the less, last night's was great!


Tonight's aurora.

Northern Lights

& what else would I be doing at 45 minutes after midnight, on a Saturday morning, but standing out in the snow watching the Aurora Borealis?


It's after 12:30 a.m. We just came back in after spending around 45 minutes outside watching some grand auroras.

A little more aurora

'nother aurora shot

Tonight's Aurora

Just another night in paradise. ;-)

Wednesday's Aurora

Nice night to be out, even if it is minus 14 degrees F.(-25C.).

Tonight's Aurora

The aurora is quite active so far tonight.
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