Downstream from Yakutsk

Waiting for the....

The docks or terminals for boat traffic along the Lena River are often built on barges such as this so they can be towed to safe harbor before the winter freezing of the river and the subsequent spring ice breakup and flooding with could wash them down stream.

Speeding along the Lena

On a cliff above the Lena River

Fly's eye view

This was in the flat of my friends Rosa and Valari in Yakutsk. At this point I felt kinda like a fly on the wall, hence the POV (Point of View) for this sketch.

kindling, mushroom pickers

These are two friends in Aldan, Saka Republic, Russian Far East, picking mushrooms. I wasn't satisfied with the feelings evoked. Disclamer: This is from my kindling box. I was laying a wood fire in the stove & these where pictures I threw away for one reason or another. I did decide, right now, to photograph them before burning.


A very good friend and a very nice lady from Yakutsk, Russian Far East. RIP
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