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  • farmall

    Sigh. A cracked block. I haven't been able to get it running again for over ten years!

  • pier at Santa B

    'nough said.

  • lone

    Sometimes you wonder...

  • above it all

    OK, I played with perspective a bit....

  • Rose

    From a past (2004) life session

  • 4Life4-3-08

    I found that in changing pad (paper) size I lost all sense of proportion, hence this & #4

  • 3Life4-408

    Reestablishing how to handle foreshortening.

  • 2Life4-3-08

    Well, it was a 5 minute pose & I had a spare minute left...

  • 1Life3-4-08

    Here I only did the shadows and smugged the body shape with my finger

  • 2studies

    Same subject, two studies

  • EDM 165, The Front of My House

    Done at the end of March. Spring is still 3-4 weeks away.

  • passingsummer

    Lots of room up here

  • Miajima2

    The shrine, on Miajima, is build out over the tidal flats and appears to float when the tide comes in.

  • Albuquerque06

    Hot air balloon festival.

  • In the Virgin Megastore, San Fran, 2006

    Went upstairs for a cup of coffee & found some nice music!

  • MarketStreetSF06

    A nice little hotel tucked away..

  • Green&TaylorSF06

    In the San Fran hills...

  • near Osaka

    This is at Ari's house in Senroka, a few stops from downtown Osaka.

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