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  • Morning Blue

    I got up long before dawn this morning (the sun rise, here, today, was at 10:37) and was fascinated by the various shades of blue that the snow scene outside my window took on. Watercolor washes (Yarka pans) with a wax resist, 140 pound cold press paper,…

  • Variations on a winter theme

    Even the birds know Winter cold's not absolute Warmth is there to find. Sumi on "rice" paper.

  • Not a tree

    It's not a tree, bamboo's a grass. Sumi on "rice" paper, 11"X13"

  • Just a tree

    It is just a tree Not a complex metaphor Nothing but a tree

  • scroll box

    I spent about a week building this box, with leather hinges, to store a scroll I was lucky to get in Japan. I'll probably spend a year finishing it.

  • EDM challenge 198; Draw Some Noodles

    Fresh snow on the ground First a hot bowl of noodles Then ski on the slough Watercolor and watercolor pencil on 140 pound cold pressed, 8"X10"

  • Manhole cover Ozu

    I showed, earlier, the manhole cover from Ise. So! Here are 3 more from other parts of Japan. Ozu is is small town near (50-70 kilometers) Matsuyama. The reason for the birds: They still fish with cormorants, -use birds to catch the fish in the river for…

  • Osaka Manhole cover

    The manhole covers often reflect what the folks think is special about their town. In Osaka, Osaka castle is high on the list.

  • manhole cover Senroika

    Senroika is about half way between Kyoto and Osaka. They're especially proud of 'Expo 70', and the center piece in this manhole cover depicts a statue, a monument, of the sun in this, the land of the rising sun. Said statue is the first thing you see…

  • Remeber the gate tree?

    I followed autumn From Alaska to Japan and saw evergreens. I'm still trying out the new paper I bought in Japan. sumi on paper, 7"X8"

  • Just messin' around

    There was this frog see... he was born and had lived all his life in Kyoto. Well on day he said to himself; "Hum. I have lived all my life in Kyoto which everybody knows is the center of the world and that anything and everything that is wonderful and of…

  • 3 minute pose

    At my Thursday drawing session. Charcoal on 11"X14" paper

  • on the Ishitegawa

    The Ishitegawa flows through Matsuyama to the Seto Inland Sea. Sumi-e on handmade paper I got in Matsuyama, 10 inches by 13 inches

  • In Matsuyama castle...

    One meets the nicest people at the very top of Matsuyama castle!

  • So where did you spend last Saturday?

    Some days are better than others but doggonit, they're all good!

  • Ujo

    The castle in Okayama, often called "Ujo", Black crow castle, because of the black walls.

  • Friends gained, sketches lost

    These are two sketches that I gave away in Waikiki and the two friends that I gained by doing so.

  • Waikikiki ladder 1

    I'm home, back in Alaska, at last. However on my way back from Japan I did stop to relax in Hawaii for a couple of days. I'm one of those people that think nothing beats a cold beer after a hot day in the tropical sunshine. Subsequently I did a bit of wh…

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