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  • frm Japan Journal

    October 2003. Above:The double bridge at the Imperial palace, Tokyo. Below: At festival in Kawagoe.

  • frm Thai Journal

    November 2004. Baan Ta Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Shiyusen

    Sumi-e (Japanese ink and brush painting). The kanji, 'shiyusen', means philosophical drinker. Now shiyusen is often translated as 'heavy drinker' -but I prefer 'philosophical drinker', don't you? :-) January 2008 The two kanji that are combined to say t…

  • OnGuard

    Sumi-e. The kanji says 'Watchdog'. 1/08

  • just the wind

    Sumi-e. 1/08

  • 2 moose 07

    About 50 feet from my house. By the way, even with their antlers off, these are moose.

  • By the river Ping, in Chiang Mai

    By the river Ping in Chiang Mai... Watercolor 17"X20", January 2008

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