Andrew Trundlewagon's photos

  • rosemary DSC 2876

    Rosemary flowers up-close. Although they are very small, only a few mm long, they are very intricate. Photographing them was very pleasing because of the strong aroma the plant gives off every time I brushed against it.

  • swallowtail DSC 2439

    The dark prince (or princess). A black swallowtail butterfly about to fly away.

  • St-bruno-coral root DSC 2264

    The tiny flower of the spotted coral root orchid, a woodland flower that survives by taking nutrients from fungi. It has no chlorophyll and no leaves. St. Bruno, Quebec

  • St Bruno Coral Root DSC 1842

    Coral root orchid. Coral roots (Corallorhiza) are orchids that, with one exception, make no chlorophyll and live by taking (stealing) nutrients from fungi in the soil (myco-heterotrophy). Most of the plant is below ground, (the coral root) growing in inti…

  • St Bruno Chicakdee 3 DSC 1936

    We stopped for snacks along the trail and a tiny chickadee came to see what we were eating, no doubt hoping for some left-overs. They are lovely little birds but tough, being one of the few species to stay all year and brave the bruising winter weather.

  • St Bruno Deer DSC 1885

    A deer behind a bush, along the path in the woods, St. Bruno.

  • St Bruno skullcap2 DSC 1959

    Skullcaps (Scutellaria) growing close to a lake. These are small wildflowers (flower about 1.5cm) that habitually grow near water. The small swelling on the upper surface is supposed to resemble a skullcap, although to me it looks more like the dome on t…

  • running on air 2b IMG 20180711 172356

    Running on air. An acrobat street performer, part of the Just for Laughs festival, Montreal.

  • Odin figure ROM 2017 IMG 20180331 131115

    A bronze figure of the god Odin, from the Viking exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, originally from Sweden. (Taken with a cell phone pressed against the glass case).

  • hyssop and bee-a--DSC 1149

    A bumblebee visiting the flowers of anise hyssop (Agastache foeniculum). They are very fond of these flowers, returning ceaselessly from early morning until late afternoon. Anise hyssop is a native wildflower of eastern North America, but these are garden…

  • marlene deitrich

    Marlene Dietrich.

  • kew DSC 0235

    Not where you might think. These monks were in the newly renovated Temperate Greenhouse, Kew Gardens in London.

  • Ile bonaventure DSC 5221

    A gannet, floating on the water near Ile Bonaventure, Gaspe, Quebec.

  • Monarda July 2018 DSC 0807

    Monarda (or bee balm).

  • Ile bonaventure CSC 5530

    A pair of gannets. The neck rubbing is part of their bonding rituals. Île Bonaventure, Percé, Gaspé, Québec

  • Ile bonaventure common murres DSC 5345

    Common Murres or guillemots, Île Bonaventure, Percé.

  • Ile Bonaventure gannet DSC 5422

    "Here's looking at you." Gannet (fou de bassan), Île Bonaventure, Percé.

  • iris versicolor v2 DSC 5765

    A wild iris growing by a lake, St. Bruno, Quebec

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