Andrew Trundlewagon's photos

  • sleds DSC 4088a

    Snow and sleds, Toronto, December

  • toronto DSC 4054

    Winter games, December, Toronto

  • blue jay DSC 3932

    A blue jay in autumn.

  • CSC 0316

    Sea-doo, Thousand Islands, Ontario

  • squirrel 2 DSC 4051

    A squirrel waits in the cold hoping for peanuts.

  • novembers rose render2

    The last roses

  • persistence of memory Time IMG 20171203 170438

    A mural in an alley Montreal. I don't know if the melting watch on the mans wrist is a comment on the nature of time or reference to some of Dali's painting like "persistence of memory" which are strewn with melting clock faces.

  • Autumn colour CSC 3815

    Earlier in the year in mid-autumn.

  • mother feeds her fawn st bruno DSC 3261

    A mother deer feeds her youngster. It is not the clearest shot as they were quite deep in the woods, and it does not show in a still image but the young fawn was so excited, waving its tail vigorously.

  • Meloe, oil beetle, St Bruno, Oct 2017

    I don’t expect too many people to care for this one. First, it’s a beetle, second, it’s a black beetle. It is an oil beetle, (Genus Meloe, there are several species and they all look the same to me). When threatened they pump out a fluid from between thei…

  • painted lady 2 sept 2017 st bruno DSC 3319

    A painted lady butterfly, St. Bruno Park, This year we have had an extraordinary number of painted lady butterflies (Vanessa cardui).

  • showy tick trefoil st bruno sept 2 2017 DSC 2990

    Showy tick trefoil, (Desmodium canadenses) growing beside a lake, Mont St Bruno Provincial Park, Quebec. It is in the bean family, and this one is at the end of flowering and has produced seed pods.

  • the bridge st bruno DSC 2704

    The bridge

  • the blasted tree don valley toronto DSC 2903

    A blasted tree,

  • sunglasses DSC 3051

    Here's looking at you. (Photographed as found, not posed).

  • more beer DSC 0394

    The correct answer to any relevant question. (All questions to which it is not the correct answer being, by definition, irrelevant).

  • folkestone 2017

    Need I say more..

  • Giant ichneumon megarhyssa-Aug 2017 DSC 2219

    The female Giant Ichneumon wasp, Megarhyssa macrurus, possesses an ovipositor several times her own length with which she drills into the side of diseased trees to lay an egg on the larva of another wasp, the pigeon horntail. The horntail prey larva is ki…

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