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  • Controlled Chaos

    Since this is Sliders Sunday, thought I’d go a little berserk with this image. This is a COMPOSITE with a base picture of a local highway and eight (8) separate images, each of which I shot during recent outings around here. Even the Alien was shot by me…

  • Drive thru History . .

    Nothing special here. Just a nice easy drive thru Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.

  • Lines of Communication

  • Going Up . . .

    This is a Macro shot of a large black ant that I spotted crawling up the exterior wall of my house. I took the liberty of changing his colors. I don’t think he really cared. I then added some water to create some drama. Then processed it in some way,…

  • Yellow Legs

    Not to be alarmed!!! This is a COMPOSITE MACRO for Macro Mondays. I discovered this beetle (at least I think it’s a beetle) laying on its back on my front porch. At first, I thought it was dead, but it moved, so I got my camera. He laid there on his back…

  • Blues Brothers Fountain

  • I Think this is the way..

  • The Breakfast Crowd

  • Wrong Side of the Tracks

  • Each with a Story

  • Can it get any better than this ??

  • Wrong Way Eddie

  • Another World is in the Mail

  • Reflection Time


  • Eyes Peering Right

    This is another one of those images that amazes me. Believe it or not, these eyes peering to the right are water droplets. I took this from my balcony looking down onto a small shallow pool of water that had formed on top of my trash container. It had…

  • Original Photo of Eyes Peering Right

    Next image is the "AFTER" version along with the description.

  • Ignore The Stare

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