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Nederland II - The Netherlands II

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  • Toronto - Amsterdam - Toronto Great Circle Route

    Had I chosen a nonstop flight from Toronto to Amsterdam and back, this would have been the "great circle route," the shortest route between two points on earth. The total distance would have been 12,004 kms (6,007 kms each way). However, I decided to us…

  • Toronto - Frankfurt am Main - Amsterdam - Warsaw - Toronto

    I decided to use up my Aeroplan points for my trip to the Netherlands, as I'm no longer actively earning new points. My routing was: Toronto - Frankfurt (Air Canada): 6,361 kms Frankfurt - Amsterdam (Lufthansa): 366 kms Amsterdam - Warsaw (LOT Polish Ai…

  • Air Canada Airbus A320 (C-FDST)

    Toronto Lester B. Pearson Airport Terminal 1. This was not the plane that I flew to Frankfurt am Main, obviously. AIMG 0696

  • British Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner (G-ZBJH)

    Seen at Toronto Lester B. Pearson Airport. AIMG 0701

  • Rush hours at Toronto Pearson airport

    My flight AC872 Toronto to Frankfurt am Main left the gate on time at 16:40 (4:40 PM). It was rush hour at Pearson Airport. Two smaller Air Canada planes were in front of us in the takeoff roll queue, including C-FEJF, an Air Canada Express Embraer 170 r…

  • AC872 dinner menu: Beef Stroganoff

    Soon after takeoff, we were served a meal of Beef Stroganoff, pickled cabbage salad, chocolate cake, bread and drinks. AIMG 0725

  • Rapid sunset

    As I was flying east (OK, northeast) at 500 miles (805 kms) per hour, the sun set very rapidly behind us. AIMG 0729

  • Flying over Belgian air space

    After crossing the Atlantic Ocean, AC872 flew over the Irish Sea, Central and Eastern England, then crossed the North Sea/ English Channel into Belgian air space before arriving at Frankfurt am Main. AIMG 0740

  • Anschlussflüge/ Connecting flights

    Frankfurt am Main is one of the busiest air hubs in the world, and the home base of Lufthansa. Many passengers connect through Frankfurt, as this image shows. AIMG 0751

  • Checking for the next leg of journey

    My connecting flight to Amsterdam is LH988, which means that I've over three hours to kill at FRA. For us planespotters, this layover is no problem at all! xxxx Frankfurt am Main is one of the busiest air hubs in the world, and the home base of Lufthans…

  • Newspapers, compliments of Lufthansa

    The intra-European terminal for Lufthansa at Frankfurt am Main provides free newspapers for passengers as they wait for their connecting flight. The newspapers available include: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ("Frankfurt General Newspaper") Die Zeit ("…

  • Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 (D-ABYF)

    Seen at Frankfurt am Main airport. AIMG 0757

  • Oirschot NBr IJskar met verkoper **

    Who wants some ice cream? Taken at the beautiful town of Oirschot, Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands. Special thanks to Arthur-A for taking and sending me this photo! ** Arthur used this Dutch phrase as the photo name, and I've kept it. My guess is it sa…

  • At the DAF museum

    Arthur, Olga and Peter took me to the amazing DAF Museum in Eindhoven. It's every boy's dream to be in a automotive museum devoting to Dutch auto, truck and bus maker DAF. Special thanks to Arthur-A for taking and sending me this photo!

  • Mr mOuse Philips

    And this is the photo that Olga and I were trying to make. I was holding the toy mouse in front of a vintage Philips poster at the Philips Museum in Eindhoven. A special thank to Olga for taking and sending me this photo. P1010355 Mr mOuse Philips

  • Chatting with General Gibson!

    Bart (flickr/ Ipernity), Chris (flickr/ Ipernity) and I met up for a night photo shoot in Amsterdam. It's a fun night out chatting and exploring the night life of A'dam! A speical thank to Chris for taking and sending me this photo! 20140915 Asd night…

  • AC838 from Ottawa

    As both Air Canada and Lufthansa are Star Alliance members, Frankfurt is a major transit hub for Air Canada passengers to Europe, and there are quite a few flights between Canada and Frankfurt. Soon after our flight AC872 from Toronto arrived at the gat…

  • Thai Airbus A380

    To maximize efficiency and to share costs, airlines that are partners to each other, or belong to the same airline alliance, use the same terminal and check-in counters. They also coordinate arrival/ departure times and gates so that connecting passenger…

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