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  • Bus Lineup

    Five Toronto Transit Commission, or TTC, buses line up at Kipling subway station.

  • Scania AB of Sweden / Sverige

    1/76 OO-scale model bus. Scania Wright Endurance bus wearing Kentish Bus livery.

  • The Old "Red Rocket"

    A preserved "Red Rocket" streetcar (tram) on a day out. Photo taken on Queen Street East in Toronto.

  • Coaching Toronto

    A Pacific Western coach near the CN Tower. The massive granite building in the background is the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. The Royal York is Toronto's railway terminus hotel, being right opposite of the Union Station. The coach is a Prevost H-series coa…

  • April Showers Make a Bus Greener

    In English, there's a saying that "April showers bring May Flowers", well I think April showers also wash out the road salt used during the winter from the street and cars. This is an MCI (Motor Coach Industries)'s "public-sector" coach model D4500, flee…

  • Wardrobe on Wheels

    "Furniture on wheels" pretty much sums up what Ikea is about! The Ikea Canada store in northern Toronto is about 15 minutes walk from a subway station, and the store runs this shuttle bus between the subway station and the store. It's one of those shutt…

  • Looking up to London

    An ex-pat Routemaster on tourist duty in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. To go to Paddington station, one must look up to the sky indeed unless the Routemaster can across the Atlantic ocean!

  • Routemaster Badge

    The Routemaster 'runaway' servicing the Niagara Falls area has an Ensgin Bus badge as opposed to the original AEC badge.

  • 1-2-3-4, They're all Procor's

    My friends Don and Rupert live just north of a CPR line and I came across these freight train cars while (trying) to get to their home. Not sure what Procor is.

  • Santa Fe, where r u?

    For some reason railway companies -- even the freight ones -- often invoke images of romantic long-distance travel. This is a freight car of the famous Burlington Northern Santa Fe railway company, more commonly known as BNSF nowadays. Well, actually not…

  • 3 Graffiti + 1/2 Graffito

    One the freight cars passing by has some pretty well-done spray painted graffiti. The last one was only completed to the outline stage. Wonder what happened? a) The guy went out of spray paint b) The railway security was approaching c) The train started…

  • Beaver and the Maple Leaf

    They named a whole railway after me! The Canadian Pacific Railway, or CPR. Check out the details and you'll see a Maple Leaf and a Beaver, symbols of Canada; and the year 1881, when the transcontinental railway was completed.

  • Heathrow Express to Paddington

    The thought of taking the underground (metro/ tube/ subway) from London Heathrow to central London during the morning rush hours sends shivers up my spine. I opted for the expensive but super fast Heathrow Express to London Paddington Station instead.

  • Scotsman Flying on Metal Wheels

    After reaching London Paddington, I took the Underground (subway/ tube/ metro) to London King's Cross Station, where I boarded a GNER (Great North Eastern Railway) train to York.

  • National Railway Museum Day 1: Bullet Train

    My first agenda in York was to visit the National Railway Museum, the world's largest railway museum. I'm not knowledgeable in trains, but one can't not get excited being in such a massive museum surrounded by all these grand old machines that popularised…

  • National Railway Museum Day 1: Mallard's Might

    If I remember the information correctly, the Mallard is one of the last but fastest steam locomotives ever built. Photo taken using a Gorillapod.

  • National Railway Museum Day 1: Mallard

    Mallard No. 4468 again, without me.

  • National Railway Museum Day 1: Meters, Gauges, Knobs and Wheels

    Inside the operator's cabin, possibly of the Mallard No. 4468 locomotive.

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