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Yorkshire & London Grand Tour

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  • Reddie Studying London Map

    I bought this big-ass London map book years ago. The map book shows every last little lanes and paths in London, which proved handy during my trip planning. I've purposely left the photo this way (wthout flipping it) as I think it looks more dramatic. I…

  • Concert at Airport Band Shell

    The little woman, possibly a Latin American, started playing her guitar and performed an impromptu concert in the middle of this art display at YYZ's Terminal 1, much to the delight of many passengers.

  • Destinations du Jour

    Where do you want to go today? The afternoon menu on 2007-09-13 includes Frankfurt-am-Main, London Heathrow, Manchester, Milano / Milan, Ciudad de México / Mexico City, München / Munich, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Roma / Rome, Santiago de Chile, San Paulo…

  • 333 Arrival

    The afternoon is rush hour at Toronto Pearson. Flights from the west coast (Vancouver, Calgary, Los Angeles, San Francisco), the Midwest (Chicago, Minneapolis-St. Paul, the Far East (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo) and Europe (London, Paris, Frankfurt,…

  • Aerial Survey of Central London

    As it happened, Heathrow was having a traffic jam and our plane circled for about 15 minutes to wait for clearing. As we approached LHR, our Air Canada Boeing 777 flew past east of London and made a u-turn towards west, giving the early birds an aerial vi…

  • Virgin Passes Cathay. Pacific Meets Atlantic

    A Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600 slowly taxis while a Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-400 waits for her next load of passengers before another 14-hour nonstop flight back to Hong Kong. London Heathrow Airport Terminal 3.

  • Heathrow Crowds From All Over the World

    Thousands of passengers arrive at London Heathrow soon after 6 AM every morning. Jumbo jets from the Far East, South Asia, Australia and North America all arrive around the same time after their long overnight journey. I waited for about 45 minutes to cl…

  • Oh no! Scotland Yard has come to get me!

    I think this was taken near the York railway station. A plain police car (or was it an ambulance?) on an emegency run forced other motorists to turn towards the kerb / curb. Even though it looked like I was standing in the middle of the street blocking tr…

  • National Railway Museum Day 1: Mallard

    Mallard No. 4468 again, without me.

  • Marching by NatWest

    A NatWest branch in York. National Westminster Bank was taken over by The Royal Bank of Scotland in 2000 after a long battle with Bank of Scotland. Bank of Scotland lost the battle for the control of NatWest, and instead took over Halifax [Building Societ…

  • British Traditions

    On my first evening in York, I heard some people talking outside of my B & B hotel, I looked out from my room and saw a group of seniors playing Crown Green bowling.

  • Yellow & Blue Checkers

    A York (or Yorkshire?) Police car just next to York Station. It's around 9 am in the morning.

  • Heading to Whitby

    Scenic heather fields along the rural highway from York to Whitby. Photo taken while on the Yorkshire Coastliner bus service that runs between Leeds to Whitby, stopping at Tadcaster, York, Malton, amongst others.

  • Lucky Travelling Dog

    Then I realised that a lucky dog was travelling on the bus to Whitby. He seems quite content.

  • Whitby Harbour

    Whityby, North Yorkshire, England.

  • Storytelling By A Yorkshireman

    I took a photo of this gentleman and ended up having a conversation with him. His name is Michael Wray, a local Whitby Yorkshire storyteller. You can find more about his work through this link: (scroll down quite a bit to the Storytelling section, then l…

  • Yes, but I don't know why you want to do that.

    The reality of actually buying a train ticket, on the train, from a real person, a real train conductor, with his leather pouch holding the cash fares, and a ticket-issuing machine fastened to a strap, intrigued me a lot. I thought the days of a real pers…

  • Quiet Station

    Much to my surprise, I was the only person who got off the Esk Valley Railway Whitby - Middlesbrough train at Danby Station. I thought I might run into some other fellow hikers. Oh well, guess I'd have to do the hike solo!

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