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  • Pointing Fingers

    Signs outside of Mansion House on St. Helen's Square, York. Thanks to Pablo York for letting me know the building is the official residence of the Lord Mayor of York.

  • Bank of the Galloping Horse

    More photos of British banks. Lloyds TSB branch on Stonegate, York. I believe this is at Stonegate and St. Helen's Square. Many people (including some Britons) believe Lloyds TSB the bank and Lloyds of London the insurance underwriter-broker are related.…

  • Yorkshire's Very Own Bank

    A Yorkshire Bank office in York. Yorkshire Bank is actually a subsidiary of National Australia Bank (NAB) Group. 46 Coney Street. People interested in international banking can visit my banking history site:

  • Marching by NatWest

    A NatWest branch in York. National Westminster Bank was taken over by The Royal Bank of Scotland in 2000 after a long battle with Bank of Scotland. Bank of Scotland lost the battle for the control of NatWest, and instead took over Halifax [Building Societ…

  • GNER Building

    The GNER (Great North Eastern Railway) building in York.

  • Pocklington

    An East Yorkshire bus on the York to Pocklington service. The red brick building behind is the GNER Great North Eastern Railway (again) head office in York.

  • National Railway Museum Day 1: Vulcan 4-8-4 No. 607

    According to the museum, this 4-8-4 No. 607 is one of the largest non-articulated class of locomotives ever built in Great Britain. It was one of 24 built by the Vulcan Foundry near Warrington, Cheshire in 1935 for service in China. The loco served the Ca…

  • National Railway Museum Day 1: Signs of the Times

    Lots of train-related road and station signs and railway memorabilia.

  • National Railway Museum Day 1: Locomotive Turntable on the Move

    The museum curator folks turned on the locomotive turntable and explained the background and engineering of the turntable.

  • National Railway Museum Day 1: Spinning Wheels

    Check out the moving wheels and mechanism of this train. It ran on the Ellerman Lines and has the Merchant Navy Class markings. Perhaps it served in World War II?

  • National Railway Museum Day 1: Turntable

    The massive turntable inside the National Railway Museum.

  • National Railway Museum Day 1: The Iron Duke

    The Iron Duke looks like a much older locomotive than the Mallard.

  • National Railway Museum Day 1: Meters, Gauges, Knobs and Wheels

    Inside the operator's cabin, possibly of the Mallard No. 4468 locomotive.

  • National Railway Museum Day 1: Mallard

    Mallard No. 4468 again, without me.

  • National Railway Museum Day 1: Mallard's Might

    If I remember the information correctly, the Mallard is one of the last but fastest steam locomotives ever built. Photo taken using a Gorillapod.

  • National Railway Museum Day 1: Bullet Train

    My first agenda in York was to visit the National Railway Museum, the world's largest railway museum. I'm not knowledgeable in trains, but one can't not get excited being in such a massive museum surrounded by all these grand old machines that popularised…

  • Can someone help -- where was I?

    Seriously I cannot remember what this is. What is that impressive building? I think this is not too far from Coney Street, for I'd just bought a SIM card for my cell phone at Virgin on Coney Street, and was trying to call my parents in Canada. But then a…

  • York City Centre

    Umm, I like to take bank photos for my bank blog and banking photo pool... how can I disguise this strange hobby? Lloyds TSB Bank branch on St. Helen's Sqaure, York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. People interested in international banking may want to…

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