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  • Red Rocket Galore!

    Still at the Queen Street TTC streetcar yard are rows and rows of the Red Rockets

  • Till Death Do Us Part

    In early 2002, I picked up a travel catalogue while waiting for a friend and was surprised to see a joint advertisement by Swissair and Sabena Belgian World Airlines. Surprising because by the time this travel brochure was released, both Swissair and Sabe…

  • Peeking Behind the Fence

    Rows and rows of streetcars resting behind the fence at Queen Street and Connaught in Toronto.

  • Maroon & Cream vs Red & White

    At the TTC streetcar (tram) yard at Queen St. and Connaught St., an old PCC streetcar stands out from the more modern cousins. Technically the TTC streetcar (tram) yard is off-limit to the public. I ventured in a little without problems though.

  • King and Queen's New House

    Canada, as a Commonwealth nation, has a King Street and a Queen Street in almost every city. In Toronto, King Street East and Queen Street East actually meet at one point. A new housing development at the corner of King and Queen has a rather catchy tagl…

  • Visiting Beijing/Peiking in Toronto

    The real Beijing is 14 hours away from Toronto on an Airbus A340. Thankfully a huge Chinese Lantern Festival came to Toronto in the summer of 2006. This is an almost life-size lantern of the Temple of the Heavens made of metal wires and fabric!

  • Nature's Helicopter (Hummingbird)

    My friend's parents' home in rural New Brunswick is a heaven for wildlife. This hummingbird is on final approach to Nectar Port! Taken during a visit to Breadalbane (St. George), New Brunswick, in August 2006. Incidentally, the province was named New Br…

  • Hot Fireman

    The muscular fireman is definitely having fun spraying people. Photo taken during Toronto's Pride Parade 2006. His friend behind is pretty popular too.

  • Multiculture

    Toronto's St. Patrick's Day parade is hardly just an Irish Catholic event, performers from Poland, Philippines, China, Portugal participated too. I took this photo for my friend Ruperto, who's from the Phillippines.

  • Old Ford with Hot Wheels

    In North America very often ugly hot wheels are put on to vintage cars along with crazy paint scheme rather than restoring the old vehicles to their original glory. This is a Ford EconoLite van.

  • Nederlandse Gulden The Dutch Guilder

    Meanwhile, the 50 Guilder notes that I bought from my brother are in brand-new, uncirculated conditions. And I've never even been to Holland myself (yet)! Look closely and you can see the watermark of a bumble bee just under the no. 50! Vijftig Gulden…

  • De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) The Netherlands [Central] Bank

    Vijfentwintig* Gulden De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) Twenty-five Guilder The Netherlands [Central] Bank * Vijfen sounds like Fiffen (related to 5?) and twintig sounds more like twenty in English. Wonder if in Dutch the no. 25 is constructed as 5 & 20 ??…

  • Courage Compassion Service (High Rise Unit)

    Also from the 2007 Toronto St. Patrick's Day parade, this is Toronto Fire High Rise Unit 332 (HR332). In Hong Kong and Europe, a fire engine would not be called High Rise unit unless it's an aerial ladder, platform or turntable that can reach 30 metre.…

  • Salute the Firefighters (Toronto St. Patrick's Day Parade)

    Toronto's 2007 St. Patrick's Day parade has a strong emergency/ authorities/ military theme. These are Toronto Fire Department personnel in civilian uniforms.

  • Twin Apartments

    Came across these two apartment buildings with identical exterior designs and bay windows. Taken at the interection of rue Saint-Marc and rue Tupper in Montréal. Scanned image from film photo.

  • Quirky American Design

    When I visited Montréal in August 2005, I came across this 1962 Chrysler Newport. The design can be described as both elegantly distinctive, or quirky, I suppose. Thanks to my friend Tony for identifying the car! It's a scanned photo from my old Olympu…

  • Toronto Police on Duty for St. Patrick's Day Parade 2007

    The police's neon green windbreakers fit perfectly well for St. Patrick's Day.

  • Brrrr, it's a wee bit cold to wear the Highlands kilts!

    No parade (for the Commonwealth and English-speaking world) is complete without the Highlands pipeband! Here in Toronto's 2007 St. Patrick's Day parade, the pipers and drumers marched past appropriately a Scotiabank branch. (For those not aware, Scotia i…

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