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  • Before and After

    For my friend Scaturchio, who contributed many bank photos to the Banking in Photos pool. Here's one from me to his RBC Around the World pool! Royal Bank of Canada, Canada's largest bank, went through a corporate logo makeover in 2005. The one closer is…

  • Happy Victoria Day!

    Canada celebrates the birthday of Queen Victoria, which is a public holiday. Queen Victoria was born on 1837-05-24 (24 May 1837). The tradition of Victoria Day started back in 1845. Canada prospered and gained independence during Queen Victoria's reign,…

  • Dirty Dancing

    The Royal Alexdandra theatre on King Street West is featuring the Dirty Dancing musical currently. Toronto Canada

  • Roy Thomson Hall, CN Tower, Metro Hall

    From left to right: Roy Thomson Hall and the CN Tower. Roy Thomson Hall is one of Toronto premier concert halls. CN Tower, as of mid-2008, is still the tallest building in the world, though a taller office building in Dubai will take over the title soon,…

  • Art Deco Toronto: Canada Life

    Like many other North American cities, Toronto had great ambitions during the Gay 20's (1920s) and University Avenue was to be this grand avenue lined with massive office buildings and institutions to showcase the wealth of Canada. Alas! The 1929 Great S…

  • First you go to the hospital, then you make your claim

    Well, the north end of University Avenue leads to the hospital zone (see earlier pictures) and the University of Toronto. The middle and southern part of the avenue is dominated by financial firms, particularly insurance companies. In this picture you c…

  • Mourning Lion

    One of the several World War I and World War II monuments and memorials on University Avenue in Toronto. This is one of the two Mourning Lions in front of the War Memorial.

  • City of Toronto Flag

    Toronto went through some sort of political changes some 10 years ago and a new flag was chosen at that time to replace the old flag. Needless to say, a stylised T is a prominent feature of the Toronto flag. Also in the photo: Princess Margaret Hospital…

  • If you must have an accident, do it here

    University Avenue in downtown Toronto is just about the only grand avenue in town. It's not very long but is wide and the northbound and southbound lanes are separated by a centre / center median lined with trees and flowers. In its most southern portio…

  • ING, no, not the Chinese, the Dutch

    One of the common Cantonese Chinese family names from Hong Kong is Ng (pronounced Umm). Without a vowel, many English-speaking people mispronouce it as "ing", or "eng". When I-N-G first arrived in Canada, one of my Canadian / Caucasian colleagues asked m…

  • Legal Notice: Citco Bank Canada

    I don't usually pay attention to the Legal Notices on the paper. But today the Bank caught my eyes. Apparently Citco Bank Nederland NV is applying to open an office in Toronto, Canada.

  • Lake Ontario

    Two of my friends looking out to Lake Ontario from a foot bridge.

  • Via Rail

    Canada's national railway system is called Via Rail, it provides service between Vancouver all the way to Halifax. But except for foreign tourists, few people take the trans-continental journey on the train due to the distance and time involved.

  • Doggone Day

    These three dogs were so excited about the warm weather and open space that they kept running back and forth around us.

  • Foggy Morning

    Woke up to a foggy morning. Just a little fog, not too good (I love fog!). Taken on our street.

  • Ambulance on the Danforth

    Toronto ambulance responding to an emrgency. Alas, the day is bright shutter didn't open long enough to capture the flashing lights.

  • Société Distinctif: Caisse Populaire

    Most people know, or have heard of Canada's Quebec / Québec province, which used to be called New France, and its majority Francophone population. Other than language, Quebec is indeed distinctive in many other aspects, including banking. While English C…

  • A Royal Charter Granted By King Charles II

    Question: Name North America's oldest company. Answer: Canada's Hudson Bay's Company. Hudson's Bay Company was established on 2nd May 1670, when King Chares II of England granted it a Royal Charter (and a monopoly) on fur trading in the Hudson's Bay bas…

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