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  • Oh dear! A manace-looking John Deere

    An intimindating John Deere farm machine is chasing us. RUN! Boys and girls, run for your life!

  • Standing Tall

  • Taking a Break

  • Story Telling Time

    Listen up, kids!

  • Looking Smart

  • Good Camouflage (Toad)

    Growing up as an urban boy in Hong Kong, it never fails to amaze me how my friends can spot any small creatures in camouflage.

  • aP1050023

    Someone said this is trillium, the provincial flower of Ontario. (I'm positively dumb on wildlife.)

  • aP1050019

    Group Smileys

  • Jack

    Our Tip Leader.

  • Adorable Mr. and Mrs. Scarecrow Stand on Guard for the Marigolds

    One of my neighbours have put up two little figurines in their front garden. They stand about 6-inch tall and look too adorable and well-dressed to be scarecrows but yet have that look.

  • Me, afraid of height?

    Standing on the glass floor of the CN Tower observation deck, I was 1,122 feet (342 metre) from the ground. Every time I go to the CN Tower I meet a different crowd. Once I was up there and there was a group of children and they didn't seem to be afraid o…

  • Routemaster Badge

    The Routemaster 'runaway' servicing the Niagara Falls area has an Ensgin Bus badge as opposed to the original AEC badge.

  • Tulips & Education: To Grow and Prosper

    The tulips are finally blooming in Toronto. These lavender tulips were enjoying a sunny spring day outside of the Earl Beatty Public School in downtown east Toronto.

  • Sexy Curves! (Another Dutch Jaguar in Canada)

    Another vintage Jaguar from the Netherlands wearing the Jaguar-Daimler Club Holland badge at Niagara Falls, Canada, waiting to cross the border into New York state. Can someone help me? What year and model is this??

  • Panthera Onca Hollandia Americanus (Dutch-based Jaguar Car in North America)

    Okay, I'm just having fun with a made-up pseudo-Latin title. Apologies to those looking for a real jaguar. While visiting Niagara Falls with my American aunt and cousin, we decided to cross the border into the U.S. A number of classic Jaguar cars with Eu…

  • Looking up to London

    An ex-pat Routemaster on tourist duty in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. To go to Paddington station, one must look up to the sky indeed unless the Routemaster can across the Atlantic ocean!

  • The Little Maid

    A tiny Little Maid docking next to its bigger sister Maid of the Mist tour boat.

  • Where It All Falls Off

    The Niagara Falls get its water from the Great Lakes (Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario), which in turn get its water from rivers, basins and melting snow in the Midwest and central Canada. After dropping 152 feet (52 metres), the Niagara…

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