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  • Not Just Any Toilets

    If you want to visit not just any toilets, but Lakeside Toilets where you enjoy a (presumably) fine view while relieving yourself, this is the place to get off the Yorkshire Coastliner bus! I could not remember where this town is called though. I was on…

  • Tower & Turrets

    York Minster Cathedral, North Yorkshire.

  • Brökamp Konzept Koach

    This Neoplan N 516/3 SHDH Starliner coach looks almost like a rocket on wheels!

  • Union of Assurance

    Norwich Union Building in York, North Yorkshire. Norwich Union is part of Aviva plc, which itself is the union of three major British insurers: Commercial Union, General Accident and Norwich Union. Commercial Union + General Accident = CGU CGU + Norich…

  • Through the Gate

    York being a walled city, many of the streets are named something-gate. This is one of the gates near the York [Railway] Station.

  • Sun & Cloud Mix

  • Wall & Towers

    Another prospect of the York Minster Cathedral and York's city wall.

  • Southern Tourists, Northern Tours

    These 3 tourists were speaking in a foreign language (possibly Spanish or Portuguese) when I took the photo of the Cooperative Bank branch in York. Even though I brought along a pair of what we call hiking shorts on my trip, York and London in mid Septemb…

  • Bradford & Bingley

    Whenever I see the name Bingley, I can't help but think of Charles Bingley, the character who fell in love with Jane Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. Bradford & Bingley is a smallish British bank. This is one of their branches on Market Street, York, Nort…

  • Run, what run?

    A total stranger on the bus from York to Whitby had told me about the credit crisis of British bank Northern Rock on Friday 14 September 2007. Subsequently I read about the run on Northern Rock, in which panic depositors withdrew £ (GBP) 4-billion (4,000,…

  • Shambles Oddity: Medieval Jet Shop?

    Hmmm... W. Hamond York The Original Whitby Jet Shop If it's supposed to be in Whitby, but now it's in York, is it still "original"? And also, I didn't see no jets for sale inside the "Jet Shop". Nope, no Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, no Fokker,…

  • Shambles

    York's famous medieval Shambles district. Look striaght ahead and you see a shop called Chocolate Heaven --- must be a place where chocolates die! ;o)

  • Agenda 3.1

    British mid-size bank Alliance & Leicester, 28 Coppergate. Russells of Coppergate, 26 Coppergate. York, North Yorkshire.

  • Agenda 3.0

    If Agenda 1.0 of my trip is to visit York and Castle Howard, Agenda 2.0 is to revisit London (I visited London in 1997), Agenda 3.0? To take photos of banks! I don't love banks, I dislike them as much as anyone else does. They charge us too much fees and…

  • North Yorkshire Fire: Racing Hearts

    Moments earlier, I'd passed by the Fire Station on Clifford Street. The gate was half open and a firefighter was outside doing some errands. But in the post 9/11 world, I didn't feel like asking for permission to go into the fire hall so I just kept walki…

  • York Scene: Promoting Public Education

    After visiting Fairfax House, I was just browsing the city centre and passed by a Fire Hall on Clifford Street. Seen here is York Institute and York Magistrates Court. The stone carving on York Institute reads "Art, Literature, Science". I suppose in th…

  • Last Seen in My Corgi Days

    I'm pretty sure that I last saw an SCIMitar when I was 10 or so, in the form of a Corgi model! It's nice to see the real thing for the first time! I've otherwise no knowledge on the car. Was it a British make?

  • Georgian Architecture: Fairfax House

    Fairfax House in York is reputed to be the best-preserved Georgian townhouse (with genuine period furniture) in all of England. It was built in 1762 by distinguished architect John Carr. Alas, but an army of little old ladies remind the vistors that phot…

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