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Posted on 08/16/2018

Photo taken on July  6, 2016

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Virgin Money

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A bank that is a bowling alley... Virgin Money

A bank that is a bowling alley... Virgin Money
This photo shows Virgin Money's lounge in Sheffield, Yorkshire, that features bowling lanes for its clients. The insets show a Clydesdale Bank branch in Piccadilly Circus in London and a Yorkshire Bank branch in Whitby, Yorkshire.

The Virgin Money image is supplied by Virgin Money. The other smaller images are my own. I made this collage using PhotoShop Elements.

Some of you would know that I'm fascinated by banking genealogy. I don't even like banks, but I like to read about their formation, and their occasional demise.

This week I published on-line, the history of CYBG plc, the parent company of Scotland's Clydesdale Bank and Northern England's Yorkshire Bank. CYBG in May 2018 agreed to buy challenger bank Virgin Money for GBP (£) 1.7-billion (USD $2.3-billion).

Following the combination, the bank would become the No. 6 bank in the United Kingdom with over 6 million clients.

The retail banking operations would adopt the brand "Virgin Money" but would have to pay tens of millions of pounds of licence fees annually to Virgin Group for using that name.

Classic case of robbing the little guys to pay Sir Richard Branson the billionaire : (

Here is my publication:

John FitzGerald
John FitzGerald
I wonder when a British bank is going to buy a major bookmaker and consolidate operations. Clydesdale could run a book on the bowling, for example.
3 months ago.
Canadian Pacific has replied to John FitzGerald
Hahaha, good idea, John! How can a bank as small as Clydesdale & Yorkshire mis-managed their operations so much to lose over 2 billion Pounds??
3 months ago.