Canadian Pacific

Canadian Pacific

Posted on 03/15/2016

Photo taken on July 26, 2015

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Gold pig

Gold pig
When I was born many years ago, my uncle was quite rich and my dad was poor. My uncle bought me a pig made of 24K gold to commemorate my birth. Nice eh? :D

The pig was realistically sculpted and quite heavy, even though it's hollow.

And no, the pig is not in my home. It's in a safety deposit box in a bank. I took the pig out, snapped a few photos, and put the pig back in the box.

Diane Putnam
Diane Putnam
My uncle was also rich and my dad poor, but I didn't get a golden pig! I was cheated. : (
A fun series!
2 years ago.
Canadian Pacific has replied to Diane Putnam
Oh that sucks! :D LOL.

Well, I sincerely hope that you've made it yourself and can afford to buy something nice for yourself, Diane!
2 years ago.