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Canada will decide who will lead the country after today

Canada will decide who will lead the country after today
Canada went to the polls today 2015-10-19. When Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Conservative) called the election 78 days ago, he was well ahead in the polls, with Official Opposition being the NDP (New Democratic Party). The Liberals, led by Justin Trudeau, was a very distant third with just 36 of the 308 seats in the Parliament of Canada.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper ran a negative campaign that attacked the other party leaders whereas both the Liberals and NDP asked voters for change, positive, upbeat change.

Towards the middle of the campaign, it became increasingly clear that Justin Trudeau is not as inexperienced or gullible as has been portrayed. Tonight, at 22:38, the CBC projected a majority Justin Trudeau government, as the Liberals won or led in over 180 seats. Any party needs 170 seats to form a majority government, the number being 50% plus one of the 338 seats* in the House of Commons. There are 30 seats between the last election and this one, due to an increase of the population.

Michiel 2005
Michiel 2005
It is clear, if you want to win the election, you have to wear a tie, but no jacket.
23 months ago.
Canadian Pacific has replied to Michiel 2005
Very true indeed! And no facial hair.
22 months ago.