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Canadian Pacific

Posted on 07/11/2015

Photo taken on July 10, 2015

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Raspberry harvest!

Raspberry harvest!
This is the Farmer Swire series. For someone born and raised in city centre in Hong Kong, strangely I've always been fond of the countryside and farming. When we bought our house in Toronto, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that the Italian family who used to own the house planted a raspberry bush in one corner of the backyard.

After watching British documentary TV series Tales from the Green Valley, Victorian Farm, Victorian Farm Christmas, Edwardian Farm, Wartime Farm and Tudor Monastery Farm, I became inspired to do better in growing some food in our little backyard.

Victorian Farm:

AIMG 7456

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Chris 1971
Chris 1971
2 years ago.
Canadian Pacific has replied to Chris 1971
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2 years ago.
Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith
They look very, very nice Swire. I love raspberries!

As for the lure of the countryside, I really enjoy wandering through it, watching the wildlife and enjoying the tranquility, even though my main interest is transport.

As for growing food, I'm presently giving lots of love and attention to a tomato plant I was given a couple of weeks ago.
2 years ago.
Canadian Pacific has replied to Bryan Smith
Hi Bryan! Nice to hear from you. How are things? Any travelling this summer?

Oh we've a few tomato plants in our backyard also. But the summer so far has been cool and I think tomatoes love heat and sun, so we have to be patient. Do post some photos of your tomatoes, Bryan : ))
2 years ago.
Bryan Smith has replied to Canadian Pacific
I will Swire, just as soon as they start turning red.
2 years ago.