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Wash it baby!

Wash it baby!
Halfway during my trip, I had to do laundry. The news was good and bad. There is a do-it-yourself laundry near my hotel, but it doesn't supply washing powder.

Luckily, I knew there is an Albert Heijn (Holland's largest supermarket chain) nearby, so I quickly bought a small box of laundry detergent and went back to the laundry.

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Mr. Low Notes
Mr. Low Notes
Back about 15 years ago I worked at a large hotel property taking care of... What else, HVAC and electrical. Anyway, I also worked on the laundry equipment too. They had some old Maytag front loaders and some, new at the time, Wascomat (Swedish like Electrolux) front loaders. These things were really kick ass machines. They could hold 50 pounds of towels and spin them at 690 RPM putting 14,000 Gs on them.... If I remember correctly. You could hardly shut the door with 50 pounds of towels and when it was done they were so plastered to the outside of the tub you couldn't see them without opening the door.

But... Before my time....The hotel management had the maintenance staff install them to save money. BIG Mistake!! These bad boys have to be anchored in a 12 inch thick concrete slab within a concrete floor that's at least 6 inches or more thick. AND the 12 inch thick slab Must Be shaped kinda like a pyramid with a flat top with 1/2 (13mm) inch thick J shaped bolts with the tops coming out to of it to line up into the mounting plates on the washer to bolt it down. The directions were only halfway followed and the washers beat and thrashed themselves to death. I was able to get them repaired and going and it cost them too. The manufacturer refused to warranty them due to how they were incorrectly installed and no commercial laundry service company would touch them. The frames in them were fine but the stainless steel cases were cracked and wouldn't stay together. Now get this, Even with just one of them running a spin cycle the concrete pad they were on, about 8-9 inches thick, jumped up and down about an inch or more. 26mm maybe. I swear you could feel the damn thing up on the roof...... 9 floors up!! I know because I when one hit spin I hit the elevator and the roof to see. Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On!!! Well... Thumping anyways!
3 years ago.
Canadian Pacific has replied to Mr. Low Notes
Wow, that is crazy! Never would have thought industrial-strength washing machines can be that powerful! I think my cheap clothes would disintegrate inside, Patrick!
3 years ago.