Canadian Pacific

Canadian Pacific

Posted on 05/06/2013

Photo taken on May  6, 2013

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Facebook is so %(&^P)(^(I*$ Nosey!

Facebook is so %(&^P)(^(I*$ Nosey!
Guess you can say I don't like Facebook very much! I sign on probably no more than once a month and update probably once a year. And I don't "check in" to the places or events that I attend, and would really prefer my friends don't tag me on Facebook though I don't enforce that preference.

I kept the account only because some faraway friends only communicate via FB these days : (

When I did sign on today, Facebook wanted me to update where I attended high school. It even provided me radio button options to check off.

Because my very few Facebook friends are all non-school friends (i.e. not friends with whom I met in school), Facebook's guesses were all WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!

- Wheaton Central High School in Illinois, United States
- Keizer Karel College in Amstelveen, the Netherlands
- Bishop Cotton Boys' School in Bangalore, India

And please, Facebook, stop being so nosey!