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Keeping Mom within Sight

Keeping Mom within Sight
Our hotel is just a 10-minute walk west of Central Park. One morning, my mum mentioned that she wanted to see Central Park again.

So off we went. There's a family story about Central Park that's been told many times over the years.

In 1979 my dad took us to New York for the first time. (We had not become Canadian yet at the time.) I was 8, my brother was 10. While in Central Park, we came across a bicycle rental place. My mom doesn't ride a bike so we found our mom a bench to rest. We thought we'd ride our rental bikes for an hour before coming back.

Well, we rode our bicycles away and got lost in the vast Central Park... we simply could not recognize the place where we left mom. Every tree and corner looked the same to us suddenly. (I know, in hindsight, it was real stupid of us to leave our mom there alone in Central Park).

In any case, we rode our bicycles around and around. My brother and I started sobing, fearing that we lost our mom forever. My father was panicking too: he got us two little boys crying, our mom was nowhere to be found. She didn't speak any English at the time. How do you even tell the police we're looking for a missing Chinese woman in Central Park? There're so many people in the park.

In what seemed like hours later, we finally found our mother. She was very worried and scared too. Ever since that incidence in 1979, I always make sure I know where mom is at all time! I swear to never leave my mom alone in a strange place again!

This time though, we had a wonderful and serene time strolling in Central Park. All those memories from 1979 came back to us.