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London and its Environs Described
in Pall-Mall
R. and J. Dodsley
Volume V
published in 1761
Gresham College

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Engraving: Gresham College

Engraving: Gresham College
I don't know what Gresham College was, but Gresham Street is in the City, the Sqaure Mile district that was the whole of London back in the Middle Ages. The London Guildhall is located on Gresham Street.


Two weeks ago while browsing Toronto’s St. Lawrence Antique Market, I came across a merchant selling a number of old architectural blueprints. The blueprints are too big and expensive for my liking. But I discovered a pile of engravings ripped from an old book showing London’s architecture. The couple selling them only wanted $2 each page, or 3 for $5.

I ended up getting 10 for $15. In the course of going though them, I also discovered what I believe is the title page of the book. The title page is roughly the same size as the engravings, is of the same texture and has turned into the same shade of yellowish colour, though it’s of a thinner paper than the engravings themselves.

If the engravings and the title page do come from the same book, then the engravings were printed in 1761, which means that I got some prints that are exactly 250-year old in 2011!

This engraving has the letterings "S. Wale delin." and J. Taylor sc." Not sure if they're famous engravers. (In any case, mine are only printed copies, not the originals).

I’m trying to find out if I should preserve the papers by having them de-acidified. Provided that it won’t cost me an arm and a leg, I hope to frame the engravings.

John Howe
John Howe
Gresham College still exists in the City of London (that as you know Swire is the original City, not the sprawling mess that has grown up around it). It was established to give free lectures to the public and still does.
It has a Youtube channel and its own site has videos of its talks;
3 years ago.
Canadian Pacific has replied to John Howe
Ha, this is most interesting! Thank you John!
3 years ago.