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R. and J. Dodsley in Pall-Mall
Volume V
London and Its Environs Described
published in 1761
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Title Page: London and its Environs Described

Title Page: London and its Environs Described
The title page of the book has the worse deterioration. But again, the paper of this page is thinner than the engravings. But this page validates the age of the engravings, so I'm concerned how to preserve this page from falling apart.

Toronto isn't a major antique market in the world. I don't even know if we've any professional paper restoration experts here at all. In London, Paris, Roma or even New York, I've no doubt that I can rather more easily find such an expert. But then would I even be able to afford getting these pages restored or preserved?

John Howe
John Howe
There must be a museum and an archive in Toronto, my advice is to make an appointment and see if they can advise you on paper resoration and conservation.
I know the important thing is to keep it in an acid free environment, so no envelopes, no cardboard boxes, no wooden boxes.
Here are two links you may find useful:
Before going to any conservator it is worth having the pamphlet valued by an antiquarian bookseller. You don't want to spend a more on conseravation than the value of the item.
Questions to ask:
How much is it worth in this condition
How much will it be worth when conserved
How much will conservation cost.
The Roman numerals say 1761 I think.
4 years ago. Edited 4 years ago.
Canadian Pacific has replied to John Howe
Hi John! Actually I did locate a professional paper conservation expert in Toronto. She is French and speaks English with a lovely French accent. After spending $250 (£ 140), most of the acidisation has been reversed and the paper stabilised. That was a few years ago. I have yet to frame the pages. The book is not rare, and since it's all ripped into pages, there is little monetary value actualy. All the same, I wanted to keep and frame the pages into a wall hanging.
4 years ago.
John Howe has replied to Canadian Pacific
I think this is one more thing we like Swire, I did a course in bookbinding just to bind my papers, talks and published articles into one or two volumes. It fascinated me the process was very calming.
Then when I left my job, for the sake of my sanity, I volunteered at the local archives office, where I learned a little about paleographics, you know the kind of ancient and middle English script that has a 's' appear as an 'f' and vice versa, Again fascinating. Found myself in the conservation lab making boxes, envelopes etc to protect some items, and reviewing and cataloging early films and photographs of South Wales.
It was a dream because I only did it for three days a week and could take off when I liked,
4 years ago.
Canadian Pacific has replied to John Howe
I suppose we do share a passion for old fonts and books, John! I've very ugly handwritings, and really admire beautiful scripts. When I was in Dublin, I had a great time looking at the Book of Kells. for example.
4 years ago.