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Flight AC016, Hong Kong to Toronto Nonstop

Flight AC016, Hong Kong to Toronto Nonstop
With a duration of 15 hours, it's one of the world's longest nonstop flights.

My initial plan was to go to the airport at least 3 hours early to take lots and lots of plane photos. But just as I was leaving my hotel, my aunts called me. They are super busy people but they wanted to see me once more before I Ieft, and wanted to take me out to lunch.

Ugh-oh! Then we arranged to meet at the downtown airport express train station. I was anxious and they were running late. Finally they showed up and I put out a big smile -- it's not just a welcoming smile, it's a smile that with some luck, I may not miss my flight.

Then it was a big rush to head to the restaurant and swallowed everything quickly, ran to the train platform, got on the train. When I got to the airport, I barely took 3 photos before I RAN to the gate... the boarding queue has started already.

I HAD NEVER BEEN SO STRESSED OUT catching a flight, all thanks to my lovely aunts. Relatives, you can't live without them, but sometimes they do drive you crazy huh??!