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Sung Wong Toi

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Sung Wong Toi 宋王臺

Sung Wong Toi 宋王臺
For thousands of years, the economy and politics of China centred in the heartland of China. If you know a bit of Chinese geography, over the centuries, the capitals of China have moved many times, but generally in the vast area between Shanghai and Beijing. Meanwhile, Southern China (area closer to Hong Kong) was considered rural and backward.

As such, you will find very few things or history in Hong Kong related to Imperial China, which for the past 500 years centered around present-day Beijing 2000 km to the north.

Well, there is one exception... back in the 1200s, at the end of the Sung (also known as Song)dynasty, two deposed emperors were being pursued by the invading Mongolians (who subsequently founded the Yuan dynasty in 1279) all the way from central China to present-day Hong Kong. Both members of the Sung royal family died near here, and local residents funded to inscribe the words "Sung Emperor Terrace" here to remember the old emperors.