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Under the Lion Rock 獅子山下

Under the Lion Rock 獅子山下
Lion Rock is a prominent hill at the northen end of Kowloon. Before the crazy building booms from the 1980s onwards, one could see Lion Rock from many parts of Kowloon. While Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island is more famous and scenic, Lion Rock has become a major symbol of Hong Kong partly thanks to TV series "Below the Lion Rock" made on-and-off in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s by the government media RTHK (Radio-Television Hong Kong).

The very popular TV series depicted ordinary lives in Hong Kong during the times that they were filmed. Even though the TV program was fictional, some actual historical facts and events were incorporated into some stories. The TV series also had a theme song in Cantonese known as "Below (or Under) the Lion Rock" sung by the post-war "Godfather of Canto-pop" (Cantonese pop) Roman Tam
(died in 2002 sadly of liver cancer at the age of 57). I've made a rough translation of the lyrics into English below and a link to a Youtube video.

The TV series and the theme song became and remains so popular that "Below the Lion Rock" has come to mean the ordinary, working-class people of Hong Kong, vs. the well-off, wealthy elite-class born "Below the Victoria Peak."

Youtube link to the Cantopop song Below the Lion Rock:

A rough translation of the lyrics in English:

" Life is made up of joy, but the odd tears cannot be avoided.

Our encounter Under the Lion Rock thankfully has seen more laughs than sighs.

Life is never free of obstacles, never truly carefree, but together in the same boat Under the Lion Rock

Tossing our differences, we find our commonground.

Letting go of our prejudices, dreams we will follow through.

Together in the same boat, we commit to support each other... nothing to worry, nothing to fear.

Together living at the end of the land, in this corner of the sea, arm in arm we smooth our paths.

Hand in hand we remind ourselves Determination and Hardworking is the motto of Hong Kong. "