Door Handle of the Year Award

This is the door into the Maintenance Barn for the Langdale Estate. It just about sums up the whole maintenance operation at Langdale – the staff are cheerful and efficient and, as you can see, they have a great sense of humour.


Convenient Cabbages

These ornamental cabbages are on display outside the public conveniences at Chapel Stile!


Blackboard Humour

Another delightful offering from Jeremy at the Co-op in Chapel Stile. (See my Chapel Stile set for another one.)

X = Wrong (Apostrophe Apoplexy)

I would have sent them an e-mail to point out their error, but didn't want to have to sign up in order to do so. And, yes, it also says "Take you pick" underneath the offending word "hundred's". Bah! I checked recently, and the mistakes haven't been corrected, even though I originally noticed this grammar website nearly a year ago.


Warning! Ducks and Cameras

Do you think the camera sign in the background is intended as a warning about ipernity members on the prowl? The Alphabet Site: D = Duck

The chimney's got his hat on

I love this chimney pot cover, which reminds me of a Tommy in his tin hat peeping out over the top of a wartime trench (or a member of Dad's Army having a joke!) Taken through the window of Rogan & Co. restaurant in Cartmel, Cumbria.


Wordsworth Rewritten

Wordsworth revisited – Hawkshead.

Bit of a Squash

Outside "Sixpenny Bears" in Hawkshead


Hey, you!

I wonder what he's saying!
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