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  • Freitreppe

    Klein Erscheint der Mensch
    By Katja

  • TSC 48

    The Sunday Challenge: 24.07.2016 - Something representing a Slogan Here is my picture for this week, A Camera... It's not a trick, it's a Sony. Perhaps you know this slogan ?! About their meaning and sense, everyone does their own opinion :) Why this c…
    By Katja

  • lumière et dentelle 2

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHlFcPts_YM press z

  • 201 - 366

    Fin du deuil national, hommage aux victimes.

  • 17 - the splash spoon

    The Spoon-Project. 17/50 First Steps to photograph water drops. Color (black / white) are deliberately chosen. The grain is high and also the blur in the image is intended. A few drops, a drop in the spoon ... other beaded again from him and fall down.
    By Katja

  • nymphe des bois

  • dévoiles moi....

    press z www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Lk_qfB3ooI

  • winter

    tree and clouds reflected in water www.facebook.com/caeciliametellaphotogra phy


    I wish you a sunny and happy sunday. Je vous souhaite un dimanche ensoleillé et heureux. En grand s'il vous plaît pour mieux l'apprécier....
    By Ferl

  • L' avenir ne brisera pas mon amour

  • No HFF today ... only peace

    The incredible understanding is difficult and often impossible. The terrible images of Nice does not leave us Ancestry the pain suffered by the victims. From the heart ... my deep condolences.
    By Katja

  • solidarité

    En pensant à la ville de Nice .... :-...(( Irena Maria Palka /Poland And death shall no longer be , 2015 Part of the art work from 15th International Triennale of Tapestry, Lodz 2016 The Central Museum of Textiles, Lodz

  • running through

    This photo was taken with the self-timer on my camera. Instead of 10 seconds there were only 2 seconds and I ran through the image. Actually to delete, but because it looks like I'm dancing ... I had this idea. Somehow everything is gone wrong
    By Katja

  • Au creux de la vague...

  • J' ai perdu la tête....

  • Une caresse pour accord

  • Accorde moi un peu de temps

    Un temps précieux Un autre temps Oui, je le veux Si tu le peux Encore des fois J' 'y crois Parfois Tempo fuyant Celui d" avant Etreinte des étoiles Lumineux présent Inspirer l' instant Doux parfum Un peu de toi Pas pour une autre Crise de "foi" Juste pou…

  • Girl in red

    Это красное платье Для чего ты надела, Словно пламя в объятьях Вольного костра...

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