Dunnock or Hedge Sparrow in my garden!

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  • Dunnock or Hedge Sparrow in my garden!

  • Bunny in the buttercups

  • Sunlit House Sparrow in hedgerow

    This was a silhouette against the sky, never thought I could bring out the detail but persistence paid off!

  • "I am growing a new necklace, think I am growing up!!"

  • Baby robin waiting for the fatballs!

    I couldn't believe it when I saw this baby robin looking for scraps in the fat ball cage! It didn't move when I went near to it so think it hasn't learnt the meaning of fear yet!

  • Baby bluetit enjoying the new fatballs!!

  • Longhorn Cow - a Natural Lawnmower!!

    This is one of the cattle which is helping to keep the bracken down and also eat small seedlings and grass! It is a very hilly area and ideal environment for these delightful animals to graze happily! They are quite docile and providing dogs are not let…

  • A docile Longhorn Cow looking straight at me!

  • White horse grazing in a local field!

  • Horses mid morning break!

  • Swallow having a breather on a wire near Kirby Muxloe Castle!

  • Butterfly resting on a fence post at Kirby Muxloe Castle!

    This delightful butterfly flew passed me and I just spotted it in time to capture it!! I am not sure what species it is unfortunately! Anyone any ideas please ?

  • Henry the Heron has made himself at home in the Castle Grounds

  • Peacock Butterfly at Watermead Country Park

  • Great Crested Grebe

  • "You go first!!"

    Two mallard ducks having fun on the weir at Thurmaston, Watermead Country Park!!

  • What Damselflies do in the sunshine!

    I was looking for a dragonfly near the pond but spotted this happy scene on the surface of the water!!

  • Entrance to a favourite local grassy walk, HFF!!

    I have lovely memories of this walk, cuckoos, thrushes and early Spring birdsong have lifted our spirits on many a sunny day! Have a lovely weekend!!

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