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Photo taken on June 26, 2011

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class photo reverse

class photo reverse
The reverse of the last picture with the names of most of the children identified. I think they are:
1.? 2.Rena Saubegan (I think)
3.Raymond Jacobson
4.Katherine Brown
5.Mable Nye
6.Frank Parker
7.X 8.X 9.Myrtle Onikmater (?)
10. Emil Haugen (?)
11.Elizabeth Badger
(and here's where the list skips to number
14, but i'm just going to put everything in
normal numerical order)
12.Rudie Olson
13.Anita Elling
14.Floyd M S Elemin (?)
15.Ruth Galstad
16.Blanche Campbel (?)
17.Roy Burns
18.Louise ______s
19. Claude ______llie
20. ______________
21.Etta Backus (?)
22.Earnie Seleck
23. ______________
24. Harold Curtiss
25.Gertie Evans
26.Crissy Leaveatt (?)
27.Vivian Jones
28.Pascal(?) Musser
29. Valeria Kohl
30.Howard Curtiss
31.Mable Jacobson
32.(this number and the next are not attached to any of the kids due to the fact that the original owner accidently re-numbered #s 11 and 12)
33. (see above)
34.Henry Buckue (?)
35.Harold Long
36.Merribele Hennessy (?)
39.Nathian (?) Peterson
40.Stella Leveet (?)
41.Joe Welsch
42.Francis Kohl
43.Roy Towne
44.Edith Swanson
45.Carl Dove (?)
46.Hoyt Brown
47.Tracy Granger (?)
48.Victor Nylin
49.Nona Schmidt
50. Lillian Rayr (?)
51.Rodney Endserlee (?)
52.Florence Myers
53.Earnie Herzog
54.Emma Swanson
55.Dee Parker
56.Lowell Fitsh

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