The Kings Men, Rollright Stones, Oxon. North is at the top right of the frame. The geometry of the circle dates to 1882, the stones themselves having been placed here in the Neolithic period. I was amused to see almost no resistance to the urge of children to climb stones despite signs directing otherwise. The Rollrights are a popular KAP subject but very few nadir shots of the circle have been accomplished. I was lucky as the early harvest this year had cleared upwind fields of crop.


Harwich Redoubt.


Church of St Mary & All Saints, Fotheringay, Northants.

MG 8910

Stretham Cambs.

MG 6380

By the shore of Willen Lake, Milton Keynes. Nadir rig practice.

Belsar's Hill nadir Montage 2

11 image photomosaic.


Saucer barrow near Willingham Cambs.

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Circle Squared 03

The One Mile array antenna at Haslingfield. Kite aerial Photograph.

Martello Tower CC nadir

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