12 Oct 2009 155
Grimes Graves Norfolk

The fallen_02

02 Mar 2011 74
Madingley Cemetery. 3800 US servicemen lie here. Perhaps the most lasting reminder of the US military presence in East Anglia. I had imagined this would be a straightforward KAP subject but encompassing both the wide and human scale of the monument is very difficult indeed. I shall return with a less wide lens. With thanks to the Superintendent of the site.


22 Dec 2011 68
A selected frame from the Earith set from December last. Something of an experiment in exposure balancing.

20110928-Tower T-1cropped & flattened

28 Sep 2011 114
Mosaic adjusted, Lightroom processed at print resolution. Downsampled to 1mb size.


19 May 2011 90
Martello Tower P, Felixstowe.

Tower P Detail

Martello Tower CC_nadir

30 Jul 2010 241
And here it is: mosaic of 3 shots!

Martello Tower Y

19 Jun 2010 92
Newly converted by use of clever low profile roof over the gun emplacements. Kite aerial photograph taken from kite flown by Clive Hollins. The reflectance on the new roof has caused exposure problems. Taken with shutter priority set to 1/250ths. More on the conversion at: spaceinvading.com/entry/project_id/Martello_Tower_Y201012...

Catells Mill Cap

04 May 2011 107
Willingham Mill Sutton Flowform 30, Leica X1

Billingford Mill Cap_01

20 Feb 2012 58
Chasing the gaps in the cloud..I found myself here.

Billingford Mill fan tail_01

20 Feb 2012 100


04 Mar 2013 92
Saxstead Mill detail.

Saxtead Mill 04032013

04 Mar 2013 69
Photos by Felix, kite flight by me. In memory of Rosie Wells

West Wratting Mill_04

29 Aug 2012 90
Kite aerial photograph. Detail of gear. More on this here: billboyheritagesurvey.wordpress.com/2012/08/30/west-wratt...

Swaffham Prior Smock Mill at 34m AGL-2

24 Feb 2012 107
Almost nadir..practice, practice! billboyheritagesurvey.wordpress.com/2012/02/24/swaffham-p...


01 Sep 2011 66
Resolution example. Cropped and processed in Lightroom, best viewed large, this is the proof of the D5100 pudding, I need to improve the hit rate with this camera and it looks like I'm going to add a GS1 to the tilt for increased stability as a next step...

Wilburton Solar Farm 09082011_03

09 Aug 2011 67
Something of a new crop in Cambridgeshire. Detail of the 4.99 MW array at Wilburton. It is estimated the array will save 2,300 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Bartlow Hills_07

03 Feb 2011 80
Tumuli v,iv and vii. A 2 image montage.

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