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Vicki Evans

Posted on 05/26/2013

Photo taken on May 17, 2013

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Well, here's my twopennyworth on the new flickr. Bigger format pics - great. Cover shot-good (like FB). Navigation - shit. Opening page - shit. Some internal links don't work. Ease of use - shit. Reaction by the users - more or less entirely negative. Sets no longer visible on front end without digging for them - who's going to do that? Potential audience reduced. My stats have bottomed out and flatlined. Been an FB user for a few months now. Several filckr friends are also on FB. I have no problem with FB and keep away from virtually all apps that require access to and rights of distribution over my posts. Bob has a separate page and there is no crossover - not that I have any particular security issues. Been running flickr and FB in tandem, but unless flickr sorts out its access problems and user interface I'm likely to post less frequently and/or check out what's going on. Pity, because I started on flickr and have made loads of really good friends - a select few I have had the pleasure of meeting in person and forging proper real friendships, rather than the cyber kind. In fact very few of my FB friends are cyber-only contacts.

A change is good as a rest. If any of my contacts can overcome their FB phobia and want to stay in touch you can find me on FB. Search for Vicki Evans. If I already know you I'll 'friend' you. That should read 'befriend' you, but that's the Americans for you.....

Later, girls (and boys)