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  • 1970 - November: Dad & Gran 3 Boswall Place, Edinburgh, Scotland

    My grandmother was of the 'devil finds work for idle hands' school. She was rarely without knitting or sewing on her lap. Some interesting items here, including 'Harmsworth's Universal Encyclopedia' (1920 - in red). on the bookshelf, that lovely Bush rad…

  • 1979 - Gardens in Boswall, Edinburgh, Scotland 1

    Looking SE - Taken by me

  • 1979 - Gardens in Boswall, Edinburgh, Scotland 2

    Looking S - Taken by me

  • 1979 - Gardens in Boswall, Edinburgh, Scotland 3

    Looking SW - Taken by me

  • 1908-9? Unknown Lady, Edinburgh, Scotland

  • 1914/15 - David Wilson aged about 3 or 4, Edinburgh, Scotland

    Picture by Morrison's Studio, Edinburgh. My grandfather's youngest brother.

  • 1920s - Prob C.J. Humphreys, Woolpit, Suffolk, England

    Message on the back with name and address: 'With hearty Christian greetings!'

  • WW1 Greetings Tags

  • Silks 5

    Poplars suggest these are French 'Sweet Homes'.

  • Silks 4

  • Silks 3

    Has a flap which opens to let tags etc. be put inside.

  • Silks 2

  • Silks 1

    'Happy Christmas' Black cats which cross your path are proverbially lucky in Scotland, unlucky in England (I believe).

  • 1920-1 Mr & Mrs George Reid Wilson, Ontario c. 1920-21

    My grandfather's brother with his first wife, Stella Jennings, probably on the way to Niagara Falls.

  • 1920 - David Wilson,Toronto Islands, Ontario, Canada about 1920

    My grandfather's youngest brother, probably at my great-grandfather's house on the islands.

  • 1910 - W.F. Wilson Snr aged about 18, Edinburgh, Scotland c 1910-11

    My grandfather looking a bit glum. Maybe because his cap's too big.

  • 1920 - Mary (standing) & Zena Wilson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada about 1920

    Probably at Mary's father Sandy's house on the Toronto Islands. These related snaps are unlaminated and have suffered by being rubbed, which has damaged the surface.

  • 1915 - W.F. Wilson & Ors with Unknown Lady & Girls about 1915

    From a faded paper original.

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