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  • North Georgia EMC

  • North Georgia EMC

  • Coweta Fayette EMC

  • College Park Power

    they do still used the brackets, but lately, new lines feature fiberglass arms.

  • Abandoned GA Pwr 115kv

  • Georgia Power BP3 Swtch/ Recloser Riser

    at a substation at suntrust park.

  • Odd Georgia Power Angle.

    On the right end of this verticle stand off bracket, a suspension strain was added. the far left insulator isn't used on this angle either.

  • GEORGIA POWER 115KV and Cobb EMC

    Georgia Power has the bottom circuit on this shared pole too.

  • PPL ELECTRIC: 2009 vs. 2014

    they had added a second circuit and replaced the wooden poles with steel.

  • PPL ELECTRIC (Formerly Pennsylvania Power & LIght)

    here's a "mixed bag" with clamped and new wooden arms.

  • PPL ELECTRIC (Formerly Pennsylvania Power & LIght)

  • PPL ELECTRIC (Formerly Pennsylvania Power & LIght)

    they use them too (clamped arms)

  • 103 1551

    clamped deadends have been the standard since 2015..............eventhough you'll see a few wooden armed variants.

  • PPL ELECTRIC (Formerly Pennsylvania Power & LIght)

    eventhough ppl electric uses clamped arms on new lines, most new installs (pole and cross arm replacements) will use wooden arms.

  • PPL ELECTRIC (Formerly Pennsylvania Power & LIght)


  • Norfolk Southern Piedmont Division: SUICIDE

    In April of 2017, I had witnessed a young lady commit suicide.........while I was on lunch break. This collage is from the video I had recorded. This was on a thursday; Monday she had jumped on the tracks and them leaped free at the last second. ON t…


    An impala and a camaro z28 became victims of thieves scurrying through the night. You can see the bricks holding up the cars.

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