Woman and child

Unused real-photo postcard.

Bernice and her dolly

Unmailed real-photo postcard. Written in pencil on the back: Bernice Zesiger, age 3 years. I googled the name and saw info online about a Bernice Zesiger born in 1881. Could this card be as old as 1884? I would guess 1910 or so, so it might be a different person.

Father and daughter

An unused real-photo postcard.

Riders at the grocery store

Unused real-photo postcard. Purchased at a rare-books shop, unmailed. Too bad I didn't find this for the 'light leak' theme for Vintage Photo Theme Park. I'm intrigued by this posed scene. A couple of thoughts: the dog wasn't worried about getting trampled. The horses/donkeys/mules look small to be carting around humans.

Aunt Bell, Dorothy and Mom (Neva)

This is a new upload (edited version) of an earlier post. I decided to start an album of RPPCs, and when I went to add this image (see below) I decided to correct some age-related sepia color ton distortion.

Found- real photo postcard

This one was not written on or mailed.

Real photo postcard--addressed to someone in Watervliet, NY

I wish this one had a postmark, but although there is a handwritten message, the card was not stamped or mailed.

Stick 'em up, Real Photo postcard

From my old green photo album, purchased at our local once-a-month Urban Flea Market.

Corn Palace, South Dakota, 1912

Handwritten on back: Corn Palace 1914, Mitchell, S.D.
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