• Johnnie Walker scotch ad, 1948

  • Vintage Christmas card

  • 1948 Zenith ad

    Scanned from Life magazine, Dec. 1948.

  • Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

    Our neighborhood Episcopal church had a Christmas Bazaar and I got this great Santa doll there, along with some jars of homemade jam.

  • Beistle honeycomb Christmas tree

    Purchased 2 years ago....a reproduction from Beistle's original design (which I'm guessing was 1960s)

  • Pick of Santa's pack

    Scanned from December,1963 Family Circle

  • back cover, "Santa's Own Christmas"

  • Hollyday Recipes

    Recipe pamphlet from Mountain Fuel. If I can find the darned thing, I'll add the year (forgot to make note of it when I scanned). I bought these at "the Retro Rose" in downtown SLC.

  • found Christmas photo

    This one is undated, but I'm guessing 1950s.

  • 'specially for you

  • Twas the Night before Christmas

  • Kid-made ornaments are so sweet

  • Johnnie Walker scotch ad image

    I love the way people dressed up in this era to go shopping.

  • Jolly group of Santas

    I'm imagining that Santa and his two helpers (we never know which one is the "real" Santa) are stumbling out of a party here after too many cups of eggnog.

  • Christmas in Song

    1944 Christmas songbook.

  • 1940s Christmas party

    That's my guess at the era of this photo. It is stamped "Central Photo Service, Anniston, Alabama" on the back.

  • No mistletoe required

  • Whitman's Sampler Santa

    Scanned from Time magazine, 1950

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