• Cobwebs Antiques

    ..a fun vintage store in Sugarhouse. The owner told me they will lose their lease and be forced out within a few months due to a developer taking over the area and replacing the old buildings. I think developers should stick to the suburbs and leave old n…

  • Cobwebs Antiques

  • Kuong Jou Cafe

    This old cafe closed a couple of years ago. So far, the wonderful signage has remained.

  • old Kuong Jou cafe sign

    This old cafe closed a couple of years ago. So far, the wonderful signage has remained.

  • Kuong Jou Cafe

    This old business in Salt Lake City recently closed. I hope someone buys it and preserves it. It actually has the old juke boxes at each table inside, like the old, now demolished Bill & Nada's cafe.

  • American and Chinese Foods

    I took this photo several weeks ago, but was inspired to upload it tonight by my friend's excellent shot of the same cafe: www.flickr.com/photos/bigbrownhouse/3528 20151/ Here's another shot of mine: www.flickr.com/photos/43638298@N00/14268 5023/

  • Blue Boutique, Sugar House

    I was told by the lady in Cobweb Antiques (just down the street) that Blue Boutique has already sold out to the evil greedy developers who want to bulldoze these quaint old buildings and replace then with a sanitized-generic "anytown chainstore" stripmall…

  • Casa ?

    This used to be a Mexican Restaurant...not a very good one, either, but with a funky, old fashioned interior. I think it may have been called Casa Blanca, but can't remember for sure.

  • Local color of Sugarhouse, going, going...

    A battle has been waging between the Sugarhouse community council and citizens and big evil developers, who are inevitably going to win, knocking down the last vestiges of funky Sugarhouse and replacing it with chain strip malls. The whole thing has me ve…

  • They may feel fine, but I don't

    I sadly came upon this sign recently, announcing the impending closing of one of the few remaining independent record stores in Salt Lake City.

  • Sugarhouse sign mishmash

    These old non-chain store businesses are the heart and soul of old Sugarhouse. They are a slowly dying breed. The 'S' above Record Collector goes to the mostly obscured Sterling Furniture sign.

  • Der Ratzkeller Pizza sign, Salt Lake City

    This sign, in the Sugarhouse neighborhood of Salt Lake City, is for a long defunct pizza parlor. When I was in high school it was a favorite hangout.

  • "Red Barn" fast food restaurant

    We had one in our neighborhood, Sugarhouse, and went there for 5 cent scones and other treats after school. Their slogan was "when the hungries hit, hit the Red Barn." This image is from www.barnbuster.net, a site dedicated to the memory of the Red Barns.…

  • Snelgrove's Ice Cream

    ....a bit of an odd view of it, with the streetlight shadows, but such a great sign, just the same.

  • Granite Furniture

    This business has been since the 1930's, I believe. It was slated to close last year, and an employee said it would be demolished for a chain hotel. Happily, a new owner seems to have taken over the business instead. To see a night time shot of the sign,…

  • Granite Furniture at night

    This revolving sign has been part of the Sugar House sign-scape for my whole life. It looks brighter than the photo shows...I'll have to experiment and see if I can get a better shot. If you click on the "Granite Furniture" tag, you can see a daytime shot…

  • Granite Furniture, West entrance signage

    I love the lettering in the word "Granite." That's a power line there in the middle. Here's the same sign in the day.

  • Dee's drive-in hamburgers

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