• Randy's Records

  • inside Randy's Records

  • Hip & Humble

    I'm trying to have more non-chain-business shopping and dining experiences. I love these little mom 'n pop stores, especially ones like this in quaint older buildings.

  • Bread Paradise

  • Vosen's bread paradise

    Carb lovers unite! There's nothing like some Apfel Stuedel to cheer you up on a dreary day.

  • Jack Mormon Coffee Company

    This is a new business on 'E' Street housed in an old 1909 historic building (built as an electrician's office). The owners roast coffee beans fresh each morning and sell it by the pound. They aren't equipped with tables and chairs, but did brew me up a…

  • Chocolate Bunny family reunion?

    As seen in the window of Tabula Rasa, Trolley Square, Salt Lake City.

  • Santa, please bring me....

    The kid in me wants one of each of these...the fire truck, the trike and the airplane. Never mind that I'm way too big to ride them. I've been really good this year, Santa! This is a display window for Cabin Fever, a gift/card shop in Trolley Square, Salt…

  • Midvale Beauty Salon

    Main Street, Midvale, Utah. I can imagine blue-haired ladies coming out of here with highly-hairsprayed shampoo sets.

  • Brewpub lunch!

    My feast consisted of Sezchuan Chicken Pasta Salad with a pint of Utah Pale Ale, enjoyed at the Desert Edge Brewery, Trolley Square in Salt Lake City.

  • Sugarhouse sign mishmash

    These old non-chain store businesses are the heart and soul of old Sugarhouse. They are a slowly dying breed. The 'S' above Record Collector goes to the mostly obscured Sterling Furniture sign.

  • Retro Rose

    ..one of my favorite vintage stores. Salt Lake City, Utah. (Jan. 2015 Update: it has been closed for about a year now. There is another shop in the space).

  • Topper Bakery, since 1939

    Ogden, Utah

  • Wedding cakes

    Topper Bakery, since 1939 Ogden, Utah

  • Topper Bakery interior

    Ogden, Utah Saturday is a slow day for them. On a weekday they usually have all the cases full.

  • Mrs. Backer's Pastry Shop

  • Mrs Backer's Pastry Shop at night

  • Gardner Village entrance from 7800 South

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