• Charme D'amour

  • Aloha Oe

  • Spirit of Independence

  • Ja-Da

  • Elves adorn this cute Piano Primer

    Illustrators were G & D Hauman, who illustrated a lot of music books in the 1940s. Each musical number has a cute little black & white line illustration. This book published 1955, WIllis Music Co.

  • 5 black cats at play

  • Mother, here's your boy!

  • Beginning of the end

    The lady here reminds me a little bit of Madame X, the portrait by John Singer Sargent

  • Teresa

  • Dream of Love and You

  • Blossom Sweatheart

    (slightly too large for my scanner)

  • At the End of a Winding Lane

  • Midnight Rose

  • The Wedding of the Painted Doll

  • Mandalay

  • Rhythm Fun

    c. 1944, Pioneer Music Press, Salt Lake City, Utah. Music and lyrics by Moiselle Renstrom, a much loved music educator who traveled from school to school teaching music to Kindergartners. I found this darling book at a thrift store yesterday. Oh happy da…

  • Sound Off

    Copyright 1951, Shapiro, Bernstein and Co, Inc.

  • Play to me, gypsy

    c. 1934, Irving Berlin, Inc.

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