• Lunt Motel

    A Blockbuster Video store sits on part of the site of this old motel. Salt Lakers, remind me, what is east of the Blockbuster taking up the rest of this old site? See below for the postcard description. (The postcard was unmailed and I'm not sure how old…

  • Park's Cafe, Orem, Utah

    Who knew Orem once had such a cool cafe? This postcard was postmarked in 1958 and mailed to Hill City, Kansas. The back of the postcard has a small hand drawn map as well as the following text: PARK'S CAFE, Orem, Utah. Where food of distinction is serve…

  • Se Rancho motel pool

    This motel had a bowling alley and coffee shop adjoining it. There was a really cool sign with fiberglass steers out front, as I recall. It was demolished 15-20 years ago or so. Here's the description from the back of the postcard: Beautiful SE RANCHO M…

  • Emery-Holmes Apartment house

    This building, named after Susanna Bransford Emery Holmes Delitch Engalitcheff (better known as Susie the Silver Queen), was later called the Eagle Gate apartments. The building was demolished about 20 years ago and a new building in a similar style was…

  • South East Furniture

    This building, in the Sugar House neightborhood of SLC, is no longer a furniture store, and no longer sports groovy signage, but it's still there. I believe it will be demolished in the 2nd of 3rd wave of demolition/rebuilds planned for Sugar House. When…

  • Sam Weller's bookstore postcard

    This looks like the 60s to me. One of these days I'll photograph their current storefront. I love looking at books here, especially their vast used book collections.

  • Vintage Bingham, Utah postcard

    I'm not sure the age of this postcard, but it required a 2 cent stamp. See my other Bingham postcard (of Main Street, Bingham) www.flickr.com/photos/43638298@N00/53643 1870/

  • Main St Salt Lake City postcard

    This is the section of Main St. that's now a walking extention of Temple Square. There's a big ugly underground parking entrance on this side, though the rest is a lot prettier. Mainly I don't like the street blocked off because so much of the traffic goi…

  • Boating at Lagoon Resort

    Back of the postcard: www.flickr.com/photos/43638298@N00/78047 6464/in/photostream/

  • Back of postcard, Boating at Lagoon

    Front of postcard: www.flickr.com/photos/43638298@N00/77960 6375/in/photostream/

  • Main Street, Logan, Utah

    postcard c. 1960s

  • Washington Blvd in the 1950s

    Postcard from Ogden, Utah

  • Lion and Beehive houses, Salt Lake City

    It looks like there was a big open field for Brigham Young's kids to run in back then. Now the LDS Church administration building sits just West of the Lion house, blocking this great view of the gables.

  • Utah poetry postcard

    This was postmarked Sept 1940 and mailed from Salt Lake City to Amherst, Ohio.

  • Candy Mountain Motel

    Postcard, Big Rock Candy Mountain, Utah

  • Beaver postcard back

    This is the back of the Stag Motel postcard. I am sure if the sender is still alive, it's unlikely that after 47 years he is still living at the same address. Fancy that 3 cent stamp! Here's the front of the postcard: www.flickr.com/photos/43638298@N00/25…

  • Stag Motel, Beaver, Utah

    This postcard was postmarked Aug 6, 1959 and was mailed to The Price Is Right, with a bid of $7,729.88 on the 7 items in the prize showcase! I purchased it at Ken Sanders' Rare Books. I love the wonderful neon sign and old cars. Here's the postcard back:…

  • Utah Motor Park

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