• Guthrie Bicycle Co.

    Guthrie Building, 1891.

  • Cornwall Warehouse Co.

  • Stratford Hotel

  • New Grand Hotel

    One of my favorite painted signs in downtown Salt Lake City.

  • Coca Cola Relieves Fatigue

    I accidentally cut off the right hand part of the sign that says 5 cents. Ah, how I need a digital camera. I'm still using an old-fashioned film camera.

  • Judge Building

  • Painted ad on Virgin, UT store

  • Lee Riders painted ad

    Authentic cowboy pants. Ogden, Utah.

  • Salt Lake Stock Exchange

  • Garage, Ogden, Utah

  • Industrial building, Ogden

    Taken from the car on the 24th St. viaduct to I15 S.

  • Drink Coca Cola

    Helper, Utah November, 2007 This has obviously been repainted very recently.

  • Piggly Wiggly all over the world

    Helper, Utah November, 2007

  • Cafe

    Helper, Utah

  • American ???

    Ogden, Utah. Does anyone know what the rest of the sign said before it got so faded?

  • Nickel a cigar

    Provo, Utah ghost sign

  • Old painted billboards

  • Greenewald Furniture C.

    The building is still there, but the whole side of it painted a bland cream color.

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