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  • Ad un amico, tramonto sul Grappa

  • Rhinoceros Beetle

    A wonderful new week to you all .. Thank you so much for visiting. Your comments, faves and invites are much appreciated;)

  • Coing ...source d'énergie / Quince ... source of energy !!

    Aussi connu sous le nom de poire de Cydonie, le coing est un fruit réputé pour sa forme originale et son goût légèrement acidulé. Fruit du cognassier, les coings ont une chair dure qui renferme une importante quantité de pectine. Faible en sucre, mais ric…
    By Eve

  • HFF! And a Happy New Week!


  • Sturm Friedericke

    Dieser Baum wurde zum Gedenken an die Wiedervereinigung beider deutschen Länder 1990 gepflanzt

  • Bubo Lacteus

    Head Shot Portrait
    By FMW51

  • Punakaiki beach

    South of Dolomite point there are also "Pancakes" to be seen on the beach.

  • Yggdrasil (PiP)

    Solitary tree at Borg, Vestvågøya. At this site the largest ever found Viking building was excavated in 1983, a 83m long chieftain's long-house which was built around 500 A.D. and abandoned ca. 950 A.D. It is thought the chieftain and his family sailed to…

  • Portrait Wiedehopf

    it looks to the left / schaut nach links
    By FMW51

  • Portrait Himalaya Tahr Baby

    By FMW51

  • Desolation of Mordor

    Möðrudalsöræfi seen from the viewpoint on Road 901/ Möðrudalsleið. A barren wilderness of cones and ridges from subglacial fissure eruptions during the last ice age. A panorama of the whole vista in colour:

  • Baby elephants

    By Maeluk

  • Purple Flash

    The purple flash was so sudden and so extremely bright that it caught me unawares. I had no time to stop down or reduce the ISO and got quite a bit of lens flare. Shot with Samyang 14mm at F2.8. Colours of northern lights: Red- oxygen atoms at ca. 200km…

  • Herbstimmung bei den drei Kreuzen - Autumn mood at the three crosses - mit PiP

    Please view on black (press z)! Der Überlieferung nach sollen die drei Kreuze an drei Pfarrer erinnern, die hier im Dreißigjährigen Krieg (1618 – 1648) von durchziehenden schwedischen Truppen erschlagen worden sein sollen. Von hier hat man einen schönen…

  • In The Pink

    A Ladybird explores a daisy in my garden. April 2017.

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