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  • Silver light

  • Vardøhus fence

    Perimeter fence around the fortress of Vardøhus in the far NE of Norway. ress HFF everybody!

  • Guillemot (2xPiP)

    The island of Hornøya, just off Vardø, is a sanctuary for 80.000 seabrds. The waters around the island were full of guillemots and the puffins had also arrived. Both are rather clumsy and need several attempts taking off from the water (see inset photos).…

  • Bessaker sunset

  • Stadlandet

  • Lights over Tromsø

    Shot with Samyang 14mm f/2.8

  • Vi har nordlys

    An announcement from the bridge at 4.23 a.m. got me out of bed. Having the camera set beforehand and already on the tripod helps a lot when half asleep;-) Shot with Samyang 14mm f/2.8

  • Herrnhuter Stern (PiP)

    SSC: Create an image that highlights your favorite aspect of the holiday season In the darkest time of the year light is what we crave most. In the main photo a Moravian star reflected in the window pane, photo converted to black and white with Silver…

  • Bowen Falls

    At Milford Sound in NZ's Fiordland National Park, part of Te Wahipounamu World Heritage Area

  • Mortsund

    Shot with Samyang 14mm F2.8

  • Fjörðungsalda and Tungnafellsjökull

    Fjörðungsalda (the low hill with the mast) lies in the middle of the Icelandic highlands and demarcates the watershed between North and South. The taller hill in the background is Tungnafellsjökull, a 1523m high glaciated volcano west of Vatnajökull. icel…

  • Bergsfjord

    One from the archives, shot with Samyang 14mm/ F2,8 at Hamn i Senja HFF folks, have a good weekend! I'll be offline rather often in the coming days/ weeks but will be back and catch up eventually.

  • Up, up and away (PiP)

    Kraniche und Ballon vom Schlossberg Cranes and hot air ballon from Quedlinburg's Schlossberg

  • Teufelsmauer )

  • Trölladyngja

    Trölladyngja (1468m) is Iceland's largest shield volcano with a 10km diameter and a 100m deep oblong crater. It lies in the wasteland north of Vatnajökull and is part of the National Park. Trölladyngja (1468m) ist Islands größter Schildvulkan. Er hat ei…

  • Þrengslaborgir (2xPiP)

    View north along the Þrengslaborgir crater row towards Krafla. View south a rough bit of track

  • Selfoss (2xPiP)

    Selfoss is the southernmost waterfall at Jökulsárgljúfur, just 1 km from better known Dettifoss. It is 10m high and horseshoe shaped. Dettifoss may be higher and mightier but Selfoss is more varied and much less visited.…

  • Leccinum scabrum/ Betula nana (4xPiP)

    MM2.0: Birkenpilz und Zwergbirke. Birkenpilze wachsen in Island sehr zahlreich und zuerst fragt man sich, wo denn die Birken sind;-) Zwergbirken haben einen kriechenden Wuchs, die Blätter sind 0.5 bis maximal 1,5cm groß (an diesem Standort im Norden ware…

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