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The Psychology of Time
Paul Fraisse
Professor of Psychology
Universite de Paris

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Unified pluralities of instants

Unified pluralities of instants

Dinesh club
”When we feel one instant on its own, instead of feeling it as before and after in movement, or as the end or before and the beginning of after, it seems that no time has passed because no moment has occurred.” This definition of Aristotle’s still stands. A brief stimulus can be perceived without appearing to be durable. Here we are at the limit, which Pieron calls a “point of time” by analogy with space. ~ Page 100

. . . . This is doubtless the idea behind Pieron’s words (1945) : he speaks of durations composed of “unified pluralities of instants” and raises the question of the relationship between the psychological unit of time and the value of the scale interval in the comparison of perceived durations. Can there be quanta of perceived time? Psychological research has not given us the answer to these questions. And there is nothing to prove that perceived duration are composed. ` Page 103
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