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Photo taken on July 23, 2009

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Rick Leider

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My work centers on ordinary backyard life, celebrating in inherent poetry in small animals living their lives, as well as the poetry of their surroundings, the leaves, the grass and the light.

In the green world all days are One day, and evening is a dreamless moment. The philosophy of life there is quite simple, but expressed in million ways , the twitch of compound eyes,, a ballet stretch of a leg - or six legs, or eight - the fierce distension of a mandible.

In green world everyone eats, moves, mates and dies over and over, tumultuous and beautiful cycle. And ant climbs a petal. A spider sights a fly. A leaf hopper pauses, ready to spring. A beetle negotiates the Alpine slope of a bending grass. Life is engendered, surrendered, reborn, and then the sun goes down. And the sun comes up. And another day begins ~ Rick Leider

Excerpt from: www.bugdreams.com/