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Posted on 02/16/2008

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King Farouk

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King Farouk's throne

King Farouk's throne
The Copts and the monarchy
The 1952 revolution promised a more equitable society based on a fair distribution of wealth, but has not delivered on its promises. The frightening chasm between the obscenely rich and the abjectly poor is not showing any signs of narrowing.

Moreover, unashamed displays of wealth have become the defining feature of the newly rich. In contrast, the royal family seems to exude a sense of decency and refinement that is now lost forever.

But the state's tacit encouragement of royal nostalgia raises questions and invites speculations. At this sensitive juncture in Egypt's political life when the vexed question of political succession hangs ominously in the air, the royal family – once demonised and denigrated – has now been given a new lease of public life.

“It's ironic that Egypt, which overthrew the king in favour of a republican system, should find itself again considering the pluses of hereditary systems while casting nostalgic glances at the bright faces of the royal family. For Egyptians, it seems, the end of all their exploring was in fact to arrive where they started and "know the place for the first time"

They could of course restore the monarchy.