Janet Ulliott's photos

  • Tranquillity !

    Nice rural scene taken on the Driffield Navigation Canal at Driffield in East Yorkshire.

  • Sunk Island Church.

    The tiny Church of Holy Trinity which serves the settlement of Sunk Island in East Yorkshire. Sunk Island has just a few houses and farms scattered over a wide area,

  • Brassica napus ..

    Better known as Rapeseed, This lovely yellow plant was seen at Keyingham in East Yorkshire,

  • Green and Yellow .

    Greenery and Yellow Rape Seed Field, Seen from this straight road at Stoney Creek in East Yorkshire.

  • City Centre Flowerbed ..

    Nice combination of Red and Yellow Flowers. Seen in Queens Gardens in Hull City Centre.

  • Pink Blossom.

    Seen against its Tree background.

  • Magnolia Flower ..

    Seen in full flower in a neighbours garden.

  • White Blossom.

    Seen Here in Full Flower.

  • Old Pier Towers at Withernsea.

    Protected by Boulders of Norwegian Granite.

  • Double Take.

    The Original and the Sepia version of this well dressed couple who were all dressed up for a Edwardian Themed Easter Event.Photographed at Hull Museums Quarter.

  • The Colour Orange ..

    This beautiful Gerbera was part of a bunch on sale at a flower stall within Hulls Railway Station.

  • Colour Mixture .

    Primula Flowers as seen on a Flower stall within Hulls Railway Station.

  • Inquisitive Goose.

    And certainly not Camera Shy, Photographed in Hulls Pearson Park.

  • A Sure Sign ..

    That Spring is just around the Corner,

  • Imposing Building,

    What was once the "Yorkshire Penny Bank" now owned by the "Caffe Nero" chain of Coffee Shops, Seen in Hull City Centre,

  • Magnificent Architecture ..

    Built as the Dock Offices. Now the home of Hulls Maritime Museum.

  • " Erik " The Polar Bear.

    Seen in a Glass Case in the Whaling Section at Hulls Maritime Museum.

  • Dedicated to St Denys ..

    The Village Church at North Killingholme in North Lincolnshire.

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