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  • Challenger

    LX-TQJ, a Luxembourg registered Canadair Challenger biz-jet, taxies past at Geneva. Sun29Mar09

  • Saudi 727

    Owned by Saudi charter company Dallah Avco, Boeing B727-61 HZ-DG1 sits outside the maintenence hangar at Paris Le Bourget. On the right is Gulfstream IV N102MU. Sat27Feb97. Scanned

  • Swiss Falcon

    Dassault Falcon 900 N239AX is seen at its home base of Geneva. Mon30Mar09

  • Hawker 125xx

    BAE/HS125 N125XX of Surewings parked at Aberdeen. Sat19Jun99. Scanned

  • Geneva Legacy

    Farnborough based Embraer EMB135 Legacy 600 G-CFJA at Geneva. Mon30Mar09

  • Indonesian Biz-Jet

    Jakarta based Gulfstream 5 VP-CES outside the hanger at Geneva. Mon30Mar09

  • Citation 30XX

    Cessna Citation II N30XX parked up at Paris Le Bourget. Sat22Feb97. Scanned

  • Shannon Citation

    Cessna Citation II N7070A rolling in to the terminal at Shannon. Thu22Apr93. Scanned

  • Paris Falcon

    Dassault Falcon 20 N240AT parked on the apron at Paris Le Bourget. In the background is Avro HS748 F-GPDC of Air Provence Cargo. Sat22Feb97. Scanned

  • Falcon SNAP

    Dassault Falcon 2000EX M-SNAP at Manchester. Mon4Mar13

  • Citation 550

    CS-DDV, a Cessna Citation 550 of Air Jet arriving at Manchester, in connection with a football match being played later that day. Tue5Mar13

  • Citation 560

    One of a number of visiting aircraft, in connection with a football match, is this Cessna Citation 560 CS-DXS, of Netjets, seen here approaching Manchester. Tue5Mar13

  • Danish Falcon

    OY-EJD, a Dassault Falcon 2000EX, owned by Sonderborg based Magicair arrives at Manchester with another load of football fans. Tue5Mar13

  • Gulf 5

    Gulfstream 550VSP N757PL arriving at Manchester. Tue5Mar13

  • Citation JZ

    Cessna 525 Citationjet 2 G-OCJZ, of Centreline Air Charter, seen at Manchester. Tue9Apr13

  • Spanish Mustang

    Cessna Citation 510 Mustang EC-LCX of Sur Aviation taxies in at Manchester. Tue23Apr13

  • IoM Learjet

    Owned by Ronaldsway based Aviation Leasing, this Learjet 45 M-ABEU appears to be in use as the Ryanair crew bus.Here we see it just about to depart from Manchester. Tue23Apr13

  • Citation DEIA

    Cessna Citation 560 Excel G-DEIA at Manchester. Tue7May13

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