• Station entrance

    The entrance to the railway station at Thanonchira Jn, within the township of Nakhon Ratchasima/Korat, and approximately 160 rail miles north east of Bangkok. Tue17Nov09

  • Station car park

    Taxi rank outside Thanonchira Jn railway station, complete with Sam-Lo, mobile drinks vendor and tuk-tuks. Mon23Nov09

  • Fast food

    Food vendor at Thanonchira Jn. At 5 Baht, somewhat cheaper than the burger I'd purchased at Manchester Airport on the way out!. Tue17Nov09

  • Thanonchira Jn

    Approximately 160 rail miles north east of Bangkok, and junction of the lines to Ubon Ratchathani and Nong Khai. This is looking north. Sun15Nov09

  • Waiting room

    Thanonchira Jn waiting room and ticket booking office. Tue17Nov09

  • Level crossing near Thanonchira Jn

    At the approach of a train, the red and white barriers slide down the pole - at the risk of decapitating motor cyclists - accompanied by bells and flashing lights. The gates on wheels I presume are used for when the barriers fail. Wed2Dec09

  • North Eastern Line

    Heading south. Somewhere near Lam Takhong Dam, about 20 miles or so south of Nakhon Ratchasima. Thailand. Thu19Nov09

  • In Memorium

    A nice touch is this immaculately kept war memorial at Kaeng Khoi station. Thu19Nov09

  • River fishermen

    And part of a fence. HFF! Near Korat. Wed26Sep07

  • Vegetating pachyderms

    At Dream World. An amusement park near Bangkok. Sun20Nov05

  • 05157

    Ko Samui Butterfly Garden.

  • 05158

    Ko Samui Butterfly Garden.

  • 09159

  • Oleander Hawk Moth

  • 09161

  • Let us pray

    Praying mantis posing on the porch.

  • Golden Buddha

    Wat Traimit, Bangkok. 5 tons of solid gold. Sat19Nov05

  • Korat Archway

    Street scene. Wed11Nov09

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